What is it like working with Henry Cavill on The Witcher?

Henry Cavill Updates: After working with Henry Cavill on The Witcher for the second season, the director reveals he’s a lot more attractive than we can imagine. The director is speaking it all because of the charm of his work and the role Henry Cavill loves by fans of movies and series.

In which two films was the director attracted to Henry Cavill after playing a role?

Actor Henry Cavill is loved by fans of films and series after playing Superman (Man of Steel) y Geralt de Rivia (The Witcher), two characters for whom he has shown he is tailor-made. . From the outside he looks like a nice and jovial guy, but…  what is it like to work with him? Stephen Surjik, director of Netflix’s The Witcher’s second season, has said it’s as incredible as we can imagine, as he expressed in an interview. Surjik is charmed by his role.

In interviews, Surjit explained how thoughtful Cavill is on a set: “If there was someone new there [él] he would look at it and say ‘Who is that?’ And he’ll introduce himself.

Find out yourself and what he’s doing.” In addition, he said that he is very attached to everyone around him, which is fascinating, and “it’s amazing, it could be a politician.” His personality is such that many people are attracted.

How is Henry Cavill as a professional?

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As a person who doesn’t care about everything, Surjit also spoke about how Cavill is as a professional: One of the most reliable actors is “When he comes onset, he is on time. He shows up, with his suit, in his brand, and he knows all his lines. Know the background of what you are doing, knows what comes first and what comes after.” He lives in a very disciplined manner and does his work with utmost sincerity. He lives like a very professional person.

Surjik worked on the first two episodes of the new season of The Witcher. Because of COVID-19, filming this season differed from usual, forcing the crew to stay at the filming location longer than usual.

The director fondly remembers the times when people, especially the cast and crew, were together. “It was worth remembering every minute because when I think about all the exciting adventures and opportunities I have, I do nothing from a business standpoint.

To know about the second season of The Witcher, wait for our second article which will come soon.


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