Gwen Stefani: Son receives heartfelt message from famous sister Daisy Lowe

Gwen Stefani Updates: Gwen Stefani plus Gavin Rossdale favor keeping their kids out of the limelight, but the recent pair hardly share snapshots of them on social media.

Furthermore, over the weekend, the Bush frontman fascinated fans later posted a precious photo with his blossoming boy Apollo, seven.

The patient selfie manifested the duo posturing on the shore, and was captioned: “Greatest gift.” Gavin’s maturest child, model Daisy Lowe, was one of the first to note on the picture with a loving word for the younger sibling.

“Also the cutest gift,” she penned, adjacent a love heart emoji. Gavin and Gwen are also parents to boys Kingston, 15, and Zuma, 12.

Before the pandemic, Daisy – whose mom is model Pearl Lowe – was usually allowed to attend her line in the United States, but has been incapable to attend them due to the stipulations over the past year.

Gavin and Daisy’s bond has never been stronger, but the father-daughter duo has encountered their difficulties over the years.

After Pearl delivered Daisy, Gavin was made patron, and at the moment it was considered that the model was the child of the fashion designer’s ex-boyfriend, Bronner Handwerger.

What Gwen Stefani has to share about her son’s messages?


When Daisy was 14, she got out that neither her mom nor Bronner shared her O-type blood which was when she requested for a parenthood test to be considered.

While Daisy and Gavin are friendly, Pearl missed the artist as a companion when the DNA analysis conclusions were shared.

Speaking to Easy Living magazine in a past meeting, the mother-of-four told: “While Daisy and I are alike, things haven’t perpetually been simple. It was a little frightening for six months when I informed her I presumed her dad was the musician Gavin Rossdale.

“Gavin informed me if Daisy, then 14, had a DNA test, he’d never spoken to me over and he’s retained his word. I missed him as a companion, but Daisy has a bond with him, which is surpassing.”

While Gavin is almost secret regarding his household living, he earlier admitted up regarding paying time with Daisy while in London back in 2017.

He narrated the Daily Star: “I have four children, Daisy who is here and arranging her own thing. But I also have three young children and wherever they are I am constrained to be, they require me like tea needs milk.”

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