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The Flash Season 8 Needs To Fix A Major Story Problem (By Copying Superman & Lois)

The Flash Season 8

The Flash Season 8 Updates: The Flash’s Team Citizen fiction and casts have become an obstacle in season 7, and one that can be adjusted if the show takes motivation from the Arrowverse’s latest series, Superman and Lois. The Flash has undergone a number of concerns, with this being one of the most prominent that needs to be resolved ahead of season 8.

Sometime after Iris endowed the Central City Citizen newspaper, the notion of “Team Citizen” really started to take off shortly in The Flash season 6. With Kamilla (Victoria Park) and Allegra (Kayla Compton), Iris had her own little group of characters to work and cooperate with, and they endured separate from Barry (Grant Gustin) and his allies, who worked metahuman convicts as Team Flash.

While Barry and the others converged on keeping Central City safe from extreme intimidations, Iris and her friends have consumed most of their time on their investigative projects as interviewers. The three casts were massively concerned in the battle with The Flash season 6’s Black Hole villains, where they gazed into Joseph Carver (Eric Nenninger).

According to The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace, part of the point of the show having its Team Citizen story was to build a diverse “fully realized, fleshed out” team and give them a sizable fraction of the notoriety. Lamentably, this hasn’t really served out in the best way – particularly in season 7.

While newer personas like Chester (Brandon McKnight) have earned a fair amount of praise, Team Citizen hasn’t gotten the equivalent level of assertive reception, and what that likely stems from is their greatness (or lack thereof) to the show in season 7.

The Flash Season 8: Superman and Lois Problem

The Flash Season 8

Superman & Lois, on the other hand, has examined this much better with Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch). Accurate to the show’s title, the series gives an equal approach to Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and his wife, who gets more than acceptable to do, despite the fact that she doesn’t hold superpowers of her own.

In Superman & Lois, she doesn’t need them. Her reporter trades and nose for mystery are all she needs to have an impression (and save Superman in the process).

From week to week, Superman & Lois has developed its Morgan Edge plot with Lois – possibly even more than Clark himself – being at the vanguard, working beside Chrissy (Sofia Hasmik) and Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) to get to the depths of what Edge (Adam Hayner) is up to in Smallville.

Admittedly, it is more valuable for Superman & Lois to sustain this stability since being about both characters is at the core of the series, but The Flash still has a lot to achieve if it’s to move in a comparable direction by doing more with Team Citizen.

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