Tokyo Ghoul: The 5 Biggest Plot Twists in the Original Manga Series

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Updates: The original Tokyo Ghoul had an intense and fast-paced plot with many shocking twists and turns, but these five stand out the foremost.

Sui Ishida’s hit series Terror in Tokyo may be a gloomy but exciting entry into the planet of manga seinen, imagining a dark world where carnivorous demons hunt humans with impunity and terrorize the night. Despite all of this, there’s a glimmer of hope, and protagonist Ken Kaneki is confident that he can find how to heal this “wrong” world.

Ken’s adventure of a lifetime awaits when exposed to the planet of ghouls. As a half-ghoul, he finds himself on the border between the human and supernatural realms, and his quest to repair this wounded world will cause shocking revelations and difficult decisions to form.

Kishou Arima is that the one-eyed king, till Kaneki kinda defeats him and takes over the mantle.

Touka is pregnant and gets married. In that order. Guess the father

Souta Furuta, the 2 faced, part CCG investigator – part ghoul, was crazy with Rize since childhood, so he fucks tons of shit up. Starting with the iron bars falling incident which killed Rize and made Kaneki into a ghoul. Yeah, Furuta did that.

Tokyo Ghoul: Which reminds me.

Tokyo Ghoul

Rize is alive, sort of.

Your favorite characters are probably not dead. They’ll come back alive as ghouls. As well as Hide. He’s not a ghoul, though. Sort of. Yeah, it’s confusing. And oh, he doesn’t have a mouth anymore.

Kaneki features a snake/lizard fetish, so he becomes one. a really large, gross one

And as always happens during a shounen manga.. quite half TOKYO IS DESTROYED. By Kaneki. within the above said snake/lizard form.

pitying all this. I just couldn’t stop myself. only one last picture. Presenting Nugget-san…

Later on, the CCG prepared for a huge raid on Anteiku to require down the fabled one-eyed owl. Every expert ghoul hunter — from Kotaro Amon and therefore the impish Juzo Suzuya to Kisho Arima himself — was on the scene.

Ken faced Arima during a duel near a huge pile of dead ghouls, but it had been vainly. Despite his incredible centipede-like kakuja, he was no match for Arima’s advanced quinque and technique as he suffered a significant blow to the top.

He now glided by the name Sasaki and approached the CCG investigator Akira Mado as her subordinate and junior-level ghoul investigator. This proved that Ken wasn’t yet ready for his ultimate triumph during this dark world, and also found out the events of Tokyo Ghoul: re.



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