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Summer Camp Island Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

Summer Camp Island Season 4

Summer Camp Island Season 4 Updates: The action-adventure animated series will be back for a fourth season this July and it is exciting to wait for all the bizarre occurrences that the new season brings with itself.

The American Animated series created by Julia Pott has made a really good impression on the audience. The series first aired in July 2018 on Cartoon Network. The first season aired on Cartoon Network but the later seasons were carried on to HBO Max.

The series is much loved because of its lighter themes and gives off a sense of calmness and relaxation. It is quite different from the usual fast-paced cartoons of these days, in that respect. It has an IMDB rating of 7.4/10.

As per the official trailer, season 4 is expected to premiere on July 17, 2021, on HBO Max. The first season of the show had 40 episodes. Since its switch to HBO Max, the number of episodes per season has reduced.

Season 2 of the show had 20 episodes while Season 3 had 12. Season 4 is expected to have 13 episodes in total. The average run-time of the episodes has been 11-12 minutes for the past season. It is expected to remain the same for Season 4.

Best friends Oscar and Hedgehog go to a summer camp on an island to spend their summer vacations. On their arrival, they notice mysterious things happening. The camp counselors are witches and all inanimate objects, including the trees, food, sun, etc, come to life and have the ability to talk.

Summer Camp Island Season 4 Voice Cast

Summer Camp Island Season 4

Oona Laurence as Hedgehog.

Julia Pott as Susie.

Antonio Raul Corbo as Oscar.

The show has been a comfortable watch with its lighter themes and relaxing tones. Even when talking about deeper issues, the show does not make the audience feel bombarded. It explains why the show is a fan favorite and has such high ratings on IMDB.

Season 4 of Summer Camp Island will premiere on July 17 on HBO Max.




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