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Loki Episode 2 Timeline: Is there a big secret to TVA?

Loki Episode 2 Secred Timeline

Loki Episode 2 Timeline: Continuing WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios follows Phase 4 with its third series, featuring the God of Mischief with his own narrative. Loki’s path diverges from Thor’s, gets arrested by the TVA, and starts working with them to capture his variants that are wreaking havoc in the Sacred Timeline.

Loki Episode 2 Timeline: The Sacred Timeline

The second episode, titled ‘The Variant’, launched the evil variant of the God of Mischief, Lady Loki. But before, the big revelation, she created another disturbance, this time resulting in the deaths of Minutemen and the abduction of Hunter C-20, which sent Loki on his research trip. The crime took place at Renaissance Fair in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1985. After Agent Mobius M. Mobius found Loki trying to scam them, the TVA simply reset the timeline and went on. This specific setting, on the other hand, might be hinting at a bigger surprise later in the series.

Loki Episode 2 Timeline

The Renaissance fair was featured in numerous teasers for Loki, and because the program has been shown to move across time, it was assumed that that period would be one of the backgrounds of an episode. Miss Minutes’ welcome film gives a brief history of the organization, indicating that it was founded by the Time-Keepers and that it has been around for a long time, adding credibility. This is consistent with its whole style and attitude; it seems and feels ancient, as seen by its antiquated workplace and vintage technology. However, it’s possible that, like the Renaissance fair, it’s all for show. Instead, the TVA might be a relatively young entity that is presenting its legitimacy in order to surreptitiously gain power and influence.

The God of Mischief now has a proper opportunity to learn about the Time-Keepers, having escaped the TVA’s grip after following Lady Loki via a time portal. Given his variant’s fight against the organization, it’s conceivable that she has some insight into what’s actually going on within, and it’s not what Miss Minutes reveals.

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