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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Spellman’s take on the lost storyline

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier - Details

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is a sci-fi TV series about a mismatched duo who set out on a global adventure that tests their survival skills and patience. Malcolm Spellman, the showrunner of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier has confirmed fans’ doubts about a storyline that never came to fruition. He said that while the show was in its development phase, a storyline was indeed lost.

According to a SrceenRant report, the executives at Marvel Studios have requested Spellman to not spill any details about it. But Spellman, as per the report, continues to express his hopes to see that storyline materialized in some form.

What will be Spellman’s next career move?

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

It was recently revealed that Malcolm Spellman would be working as a writer for the Captain America 4 movie starring Wilson as the new Captain America. However, rumors about Chris Evans returning to the MCU scene have also been doing the rounds recently. Since then, several news agencies have reported that Captain America 4 and Chris Evans’ new MCU project are going to be two different presentations. There has been no official announcement yet.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Cast:

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier which premiered on March 19th is Marvel Studios’ second MCU Disney+ Spinoff show. The cast includes some notable names such as Emily VanCamp, Georges St-Pierre, Daniel Brühl, Adepero Oduye, Miki Ishikawa, and Danny Ramirez, amongst others. Other actors who have made cameos in the show include Florence Kasumbah as Ayo and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier can be streamed on Disney+.

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