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Ozark Season 4: Jonah Byrde to shoot Nelson as fan unearths huge clue

Ozark Season 4
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Ozark Season 4 Updates: After the success of three seasons of Ozark, the creators are ready with the teaser for Ozark’s Season 4. The crime drama series, full of the thrill is bringing more in its bag.

Fans are speculating a lot of things regarding the wrath that fueled Jonah as he was out to avenge his Uncle Ben’s murder.

In the previous parts, Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) was shown very close to his uncle Ben who was murdered mysteriously. After learning about his death, Jonah was out for war against his big loss. He was suspicious about each being around him.

It was shown in season 3 that Ben was killed by the Navarro Cartel’s man Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) as he knew too much about the Cartel.

Navarro’s attorney Helen Pierce had sent Nelson to kill Ben when Ben tried to convey Helen’s daughter Erin about her mother’s unfair businesses.

While trying to displace his sister Wendy’s family to a safer place – Ozark, Ben meets a girl Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) for whom he starts getting feelings. To be with his girl Ruth, he stops taking his medications for Bipolarity disorder, and finally, he goes out of control due to this mistake.

Through all these, Ben gets acknowledged that the Byrde family was laundering money for the Cartel and this information brought him in the spotlight of death’s stage.

Wendy after learning the truth tries to save her brother by absconding with him. But fate f*cks them and due to Ben’s declining medical condition, she is needed to call Helen during the drive and tell her their location.

Ozark Season 4: Jonah & Nelson

Ozark Season 4
Daily Express

After driving and leaving Ben at the diner, Helen disappeared and Nelson appears as a gunman and shoots Ben.

When Johan gets this news, he goes mad and starts shooting blindly breaking all the windows of the room.

Jonah was seen rushing to Helen as he thought her to be the culprit but Helen makes a way out by talking and convincing Jonah that there is someone else who has done this.

Jonah falls for Erin and in the Season 4 of Ozark, it is supposed that the closeness of Erin and Jonah is sure to create much more drama and thrill.

Nelson may set after Erin as Erin is aware of her mother’s involvement with Cartel. So, to save her daughter, Helen sends Erin to Chicago towards her father for her safety.

But, Nelson may get the cue and may reach Chicago in the search of Pierce’s family and might even kill Pierce couple shifting his target to Erin. And this would become a reason for Jonah to shoot the hitman, Nelson.

Jonah is quite a kid but it’s wisely said that Everything is fair in Love and War. And Jonah has both the reasons in the hands – Erin and Uncle Ben – to do the most unexpected.

Ozark Season 4 which has 14 episodes that are split into two parts is now available on Netflix to enjoy the thrill.

So tighten your seatbelts and enjoy watching OZARK SEASON 4.