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The Onexplayer could be the Nintendo Switch successor you’re looking for

The Onexplayer

The Onexplayer Updates: One-Netbook Technology has launched its first handheld games console. It is called the Onexplayer, and it is a portable alternative for a PC. It can be used for gaming on the go. It looks like quite a promising device.

The Onexplayer has been launched on the 10th of May. Coming to the pricing, it hasn’t launched cheaply. The device has launched at $1059. Although consumers can grab it for $819 during the “early bird” sales period via the product’s Indiegogo page.

Let’s talk about the specifications of the Onexplayer now. It is powered by an Intel Core 11th-gen processor. The screen is an 8.4 inch Full-HD IPS panel and has a 2560*1600 resolution. There are three different storage sizes available, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

The Onexplayer v/s The Nintendo Switch?

The Onexplayer

Obviously, the competition of the Onexplayer is the Nintendo Switch.  One player defeats the Nintendo on the display front. The Switch’s HD display is inferior to the FHD display of the latter. The Switch offers 32 GB of storage, which proves to be extremely less in front of the large storage sizes being available with the Onexplayer.

The main aspect though would be the price point. Obviously, the Onexplayer is priced on the expensive side, but the truth is that it is only for a group of niche users. It is particularly for those who care for gaming a lot, and thereby can’t compromise on hardware power.

Most of the games that come nowadays require everything discrete, from GPUs to graphic cards. And trying to run them on a CPU only with the integrated graphics, maybe a downside for the Onexplayer.

But a full-blown Windows machine has its own benefits. You can take it anywhere, open the internet on the go, the diverse working options, the liberty, and you can even use any emulator on the go.

It would be interesting though to run titles like the Doom Eternal, or the Warhammer 3, which would actually test the power of the Intel 11-the gen chip.

That being said, many fans are waiting eagerly for the Nintendo Switch 2, which is an improved version of the current model which is now 4-years old. The fight would then be more fierce between these rivals. But till then, the Onexplayer looks like a better choice.

Are you thinking of grabbing the Onexplayer, or would you rather wait for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2? Let us know in the comments section.

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