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Ozark Season 4: What will happen to the Byrdes if Netflix renews the series?

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Ozark season 4 Updates: First of all, beware of spoilers on the end of season 3 of Ozark available on Netflix recently in what will follow. The series has yet to be renewed by Netflix but one can only hope that will happen. And if that’s the case, it’s already time to ask what Season 4 could hold in store for us.

As a reminder, the end of season 3 marks the death of Helen and the “promotion” of Marty and Wendy to Navarro and his cartel. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Chris Mundy explained that the sequel should leave a little more room for the development of a particular character.

Ozark Season 4: Updates

“If we’re lucky enough to come back for a season 4, I think the big question will be whether Ruth can really build something on her own that she wants to last, or if she wants to do something else. “. Yep, just before Helen’s death, Ruth announced her resignation from the Byrdes implying that she was not closed to the idea of ​​continuing to work for the cartel.

Only now that Helen is dead, she will have to go through the Byrdes if she wants to continue her activities … This could push her to go look at Darlene and Wyatt’s side and their own projects.

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After Marty took her under his wing, Ozark Season 3 was one of emancipation for Ruth and if Netflix renews the series for a season 4, then the new relationship between Marty and Ruth will be at the heart of it. a big plot.

“The whole story of Ruth revolves around the fact that she thought she wanted to be a Byrde, but she realized that not only is it great to be a Langmore, but she also prefers to be a Langmore. than a Byrde “. It remains to be seen what this will mean for Marty’s business. In addition to Ruth’s questions, we can already expect new intrigues around the cartel, money laundering, the FBI on the spot with Maya, and probably the extension of the Navarro empire – and therefore that des Byrde. In short, Netflix has plenty of material for a season 4 and there is more to wait for an official renewal.