World War Z: Aftermath Upgrade Adds First-Person Mode & Much More

World War Z: Aftermath Updates: World War Z is ramping up for a brand new set of contents. At last IGN Expo unveiled World War Z: Aftermath, a new extension that includes new combat mechanics, zombies, characters, maps, and more.

Saber Interactive presents a third-person action-shooter, World War Z, which was first introduced in the year 2019 and released later the same year. It is a zombie-killing action game that follows unique stories and missions from different parts of the globe.

The main theme of this game is to kill zombies, escape, and survive till the end.  This game was inspired by a famous novel and movie of the same name.

Now, Saber has announced during this weekend’s IGN Expo, which uncovers the very first look of this upgrade, World War Z: Aftermath. Aftermath is a treat for both new and old players since it will provide upgraded content from pre-existing versions of the game and new content as a part of the extension.

The aftermath will feature upgraded gameplay on next-generation systems with 4K60ps, but the upgrade will definitely deliver some exciting new features in the game.

World War Z: Aftermath First-Person Mode


Aftermath version will feature a new melee combat system, a first-person perspective mode, ad cross-play across consoles and PC discloses some new exhilarating weapons and the debut trailer also shows the new maps including Rome, Vatican City, and Russia’s the Kamchatka Peninsula. With the story episode missions in its new maps for Aftermath, the version is going to immensely interesting.

Players can experience solo games, multiplayer with three other teammates, or AI-based matchmaking. Aftermath launches later this year for $40 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

It will be compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X/S. It is expected that even a more upgraded version of this game will arrive early in 2022. If you are an old World War Z player, you can also purchase this new Aftermath version separately at launch for $20, or $30 if you want to get the Deluxe Edition- which includes classy weapon skins and four days of early access.

The new extension is a phenomenal way to adjoin a plethora of brand new content without bothering new and old players. The old players will receive an opportunity to add the extension in their old version at a minimal cost.


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