Mass Effect 2 Most Useful Heavy Weapons

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Updates: Heavy weapons are a powerful option for Mass Effect 2’s toughest fights. Some of them are a great choice regardless of the situation, while some need a specific angle.

The M-8 Avenger assault rifle or M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol is a crucial mainstay weapon in Mass Effect 2’s combat, but when it comes to clearing a room and hitting major damage, you have to look upon the heavy weapons.

Though grenades couldn’t make it to Mass Effect 2, their replacements came in form of the heavy weapon. Keep in mind that not all heavy weapons in Mass Effect 2 are equal in worth, and more so if a weapon unlocked late does not always mean it’s the best of the options.

The heavy weapons are designed to deal greater damage and destruction than Shepard’s conventional guns, and all heavy weapons are high consuming, high-damaging powerhouses that dish out greater damage under favorable circumstances.

These weapons can be unlocked through story or loyalty missions, while others are crafted with upgrades. There are missions where you can switch to M-490 Blackstorm over M-920 Cain, it is also best to know which mission you are embarking on thus helping you to choose from your heavy weapon loadout.

Mass Effect 2 Weapons

Mass Effect 2

For those who are new to Mass Effect 2, picking out on proper heavy weapons can be confusing and tricky at the same time, it’s not always known who the adversary will be.

For the missions, the M-100 Grenade launcher is a good pick as this weapon deals heavy damage against armor, shields, and biotic barriers. Making it a versatile option no matter the enemy. It also comes with an ammo capacity of 20 grenades, and also they tend to hit the target in alignment making it easy to hit the target at any distance.

The ML-77 Missle Launcher is also a good option for situational use, though it does less damage than the Grenade launcher, it is a good choice against gunships, aerial opponents, or enemies behind a strong cover.

The Cain is also amongst the powerful weapons in the game, usually ending even the toughest of boss fights in a single hit. But at close range, it is less effective against the swarming husks.

Particle Beam deals consistent damage to Harbinger, Scions and the Finals boss alike, also with increasing difficulty the beam’s consistent damage and long-range capabilities makes a good substitute for Submachine guns or Sniper rifle when they are out of rounds.




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