Master of None Season 3 Special Look: How ‘Moments in Love’ Changes Up the Netflix Series

Master of None Season 3 Updates: This series, ‘Master of None’ always had co-creator and lead actor Aziz Ansari at its center of attention and it was all about him. Master of None displayed his love of New York and allows him to show his art beautifully.

The third season, named – ‘Master of None Presents Moments of Love’ which came after a gap of four years from its second season goes opposite from its storyline. In this season, Ansari is not the main focus of the show.

The story of the third season focuses on Denise and Alicia and the struggles of their married life. They both have several attempts at having a baby firstly through artificial insemination and later on from IVF. This season consists of five episodes with an average run time of 20 to 55 minutes.

Both the earlier seasons usually had jokes in them and made the audience burst into laughter but this season is not a comedy. The theme of the show is two women trying to get a baby and there were many potential comedy scenes. The title of this season doesn’t also seem too apt with respect to the story it is portraying.

Master of None Season 3: Moments in Love


All five episodes of season 5 were written by Ansari along with Waithe. Ansari was previously accused of sexual assault in the year 2018. When season 2 launched in 2017, Ansari said that he thinks season 3 will arrive with a gap of quite a few years. So, it can be concluded that this gap between the seasons was already pre-decided.

The total running time of this series is approximately 4.5 hours and sometimes fails to keep the viewer’s interest.

The series is shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio, which sometimes becomes too congested with more than two members of the cast in the same scene. But, we can’t deny that sometimes this approach also proves to be useful.

Moments of Love has quite a peculiar resemblance to Scenes From a Marriage, which is a 1973 Swedish TV series. It can be easily judged that Ansari had this Swedish series in mind while he was filming the show. Moments of Love explores many questions but is seen caught up in them only. It is not able to answer those beautifully.

The show released on Netflix on May 23, 2021, Netflix and is having five episodes with a running time of 4.5 hours.

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