Master Of None Season 3 Review: The slow pace is the beauty of the gem

Master Of None Season 3 Review: Aziz Ansari’s Master of None Season 3 provides us a closer look at the age of 30s. The series main attraction involves its stillness and how the characters are trying to make peace with their decisions.

The series – ‘Master of None’ is well known for its clarity in thoughts, good observations, and great style. The first two seasons are based around Dev Shah who plays the role of Ansari and is an Indian-American. This show touches upon the subjects of sexual harassment, romances, the equation between first and second-generation immigrants, and an Indian-American trying to take his place in Hollywood.

Master of None showed us some important issues and added a flavor of warmth and humor in it thus, making it a fun show to watch.

Master Of None Season 3: The Plot (Spoilers)

Ansari was accused in 2018 of sexual misconduct and it can’t be determined whether that had a potential effect on his plans around the third season. He previously mentioned in an interview in 2017 that he needed to move past the character of Dev. Master Of None Season 3 was deeper than its two previous seasons. The characters are shown to be stuck between issues such as career, take on life, and soulmates.

The first two seasons dealt with the ideas and thoughts one gets while they’re in their late 20s and following that Master Of None Season 3 shows 30s and the problems associated with them. It is shown to be a time period where individuals are shown to prefer relationships rather than being alone.

Master Of None Season 3 is focused on Denise and her partner Alicia. They’ve both been married for quite some years. Denise is a New York Times bestselling author, who is working on her second novel.  Alicia has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. She quits her previous job as according to her it had an unhealthy environment. Now she is looking forward to working in an antique store and learn all about interior design.

The Inspiration

The inspiration of this season is drawn from From A Marriage, a Swedish TV series created by Bergman. This season is focused on the reality that lies under happy marriages. Having a black couple in this sub-genre is a radical choice made by Aziz Ansari. Ansari obviously has good taste in cinema and that can be understood by the way he has drafted all those conversations.

Moments of Love holds pride in its stillness of frame where middle-age dawns upon young couples and makes them think about their decisions. Ackie’s performance in episode 04, when she undergoes an IVF treatment is quite natural.

This season seems to be deliberately planned as less entertaining. If the story of this season has to be believed then, the conclusion is that there exists no ‘happy ending’. It’s a realization that comes to people when they’re in middle age.

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