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Galaxy Tab S7 FE vs Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: Which tablet did it better?

Galaxy Tab S7 FE vs Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Galaxy Tab S7 FE Updates: Galaxy Tab S7 FE or Galaxy Tab S6 lite, which one amongst this two is a better pick? Samsung this year has created it’s first–ever Fan Edition tablet called the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Well, it’s quite similar in size to that of the Galaxy Tab S7+ and it also comes with an S Pen as well as a similar range of applications.

Though the  is not a competitor against the flagship models when put up against the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, the new Samsung tablet proves to be an ace in the hole thanks to its combination of better software and hardware.

Both the Galaxy Tabs S7 FE and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite have TFT display, which clearly is inferior to that of the Samsung’s AMOLED tablets. Neither of the two has high refresh rates, but the Galaxy Tab S7 FE has an edge here with a larger 12.4 – inch panel, which should be a better fit for S Pen.

The also benefits from a higher display resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, whereas the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has a pixel count of 2000 x 1200. So in terms of displays, the has a clear edge.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE vs Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Galaxy Tab S7 FE vs Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Both the Tabs have similar cameras, which feature an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera. Both of them have dual stereo speakers tuned by AKG but only the older Lite model has a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

They both have a USB – C port, Wi-fi 802.11 a/g/g/n/c, and Bluetooth 5.0, beyond all these similarities the has better hardware. Its runs on a powerful Snapdragon 750G chipset which does outperform the Exynos 9611 in both CPU and GPU quite clearly.

The Fan Edition has more RAM, both Tabs come with 64GB or 128GB built-in storage. But Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is limited to 4GB RAM, while has 4GB as standard and 6GB for another variant.

It’s also notable that S7 FE has a larger 10,090mAh battery with the support of 45W super-fast charging. While the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is equipped with a 7,040mAh battery with 15W charging.

The being a new tablet has the Android 11instead of Android 10. While there is not much to say about these two tablets but the Fan Edition has a clear edge due to its modern design, S Pen stripe across the back, thinner bezels, and rectangular camera. The Galaxy S6 Lite was never a major hit and with S7 FE in place, it does become a better pick among the two.

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