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Norton Crypto: Mining ether with antivirus software

Norton Crypto - NortonLifeLock Unveils Norton Crypto

Norton Crypto: Nortonlifelock has donated a surprising feature to its “Norton 360” security suite: it is said to be able to mine crypto money on your computer.

Security software manufacturer Nortonlifelock is expanding its “Norton 360” suite with a function for crypto money mining of the currency ether. Starting today, Thursday, the mining feature should initially be made available to selected users who have registered for the “early adopter” program.

Anyone who digs for crypto money from their home computer often has the problem that the installed antivirus program blocks the execution of mining software. Usually, the mining application must then be entered in an exception list so that it is no longer subject to monitoring. This is because miners often mine as components of covert malware on third-party PCs for criminal hackers.

One of Nortonlifelock’s sales arguments for the new feature in this context is that prospective miners no longer have to risk the code of a possibly dubious mining tool being executed on their computers without the supervision of the virus monitor.

Norton Crypto: Crypto wallet in the Norton cloud

As a further alleged security risk, the company has identified that the private keys of the newly acquired coins are stored in the memory of the home computer, which could fail. Instead, they offer the “Norton Crypto Wallet”, which runs on the company’s servers. That probably means that you should entrust your crypto money completely to Norton. Please note: Only those who have the private keys themselves have real control over the crypto credit. In the scene, one knows the saying “Not your keys, not your coins”.

The company’s press release does not provide any further technical details. In particular, whether and how Norton wanted to earn money with this service remained open. For example, it would be conceivable that the company would pool the hashing performance of its users and, as is usual with pool operators, charge a fee. That would at least also increase the chances of successfully entering a block, which as a solo miner are rather low.

Norton Crypto CNN
Image Source: CNN

The company told CNN that it was considering making other cryptocurrencies minable as well. Initially, however, the prospecting function should be available to all 13 million Norton 360 customers in the coming months.

Good graphics card required

In general, without a powerful, dedicated graphics card, you don’t even have to waste a thought on getting into the ether mining business. Graphics cards with at least 6 GB of memory from Nvidia’s Pascal (GTX 1000 and newer) or AMD’s Hawaii generation (Radeon R9 290 and newer) should be. It should also be borne in mind that with the electricity costs in advance, the price development is uncertain and that you also have to declare your profits for tax purposes. And last but not least, the environmental dilemma is worth considering as to whether you want to use electricity for this purpose.

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