Cruella: Will the Disney movie starring Emma Stone be streaming on Disney +?

Cruella Updates: The Disney film “Cruella” starts in May. Will the “101 Dalmatians” pre-story with Emma Stone also be seen via VIP access on the Disney + streaming service?

A trailer for the Disney film “Cruella” with Oscar winner Emma Stone (” Zombieland 2 “) has been released. May 27, 2021, is the start date for the German market, in the USA the film is scheduled to grace the cinemas one day later. But is “Cruella” also coming to Disney + at the same time as the cinema release?

According to the current status, “Cruella” should only run in cinemas. Officially, there should be no plans for the film to be shown parallel to the cinema release via VIP access via the streaming service. However, a precedent was set with “Mulan” in September 2020.

Cruella: Will the Disney movie starring Emma Stone be streaming on Disney +?

As US magazine Deadline reports, the VIP access was an experiment which, if successful, should be adopted for the 2021 films, including “Cruella”.

Specifically, this means: “Cruella” should only start in cinemas at the present time, but the chances are extremely good that Disney + VIP access will not be written off.

Should it happen that “Cruella” can be viewed in the stream at Disney + with VIP access in May, the film will be available on-demand as a stream around three to four months later, i.e. from October 2021, in the regular Disney + program.

Our Cruella Emma Stone

Emma Stone is going to play the villain of 101 Dalmatians in a prequel that will reveal how the character ended up obsessed with wearing fur and with Dalmatians in particular, within a film directed by Craig Gillespie and from which, according to the actress, we can expect something “pretty crazy”. “It’s wild,” he revealed for Entertainment Tonight during the promotion of the imminent Zombieland: Kill and Finish, which also hits the screens this October 18.

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The Oscar-winning actress has also revealed that the film will follow in the footsteps of Glenn Close’s version of Cruella de Vill in 101 Dalmatians. More alive than ever! ( one of the first live-action remakes that Disney faced in the late nineties). This happens before the history of Glenn and is the one that takes him to reach all his greatness like a villain, assures, but this memorable interpretation is not his only reference.

“I have also loved drawings for a long time,” he says. Cruella is scheduled to premiere in the US on May 28, 2021.

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