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Game of Thrones’s Maisie Wiliams transformation to Blonde in Sex Pistol Drama

Game of Thrones’s Maisie Wiliams will be seen as Pamela Rooke in the brand new series, for her role she underwent a very big transformation to blonde to look like Pamela Rooke in the Sex Pistols. If you have looked into behind-the-scenes pics from the set of the series, Maisie can be seen as Rooke’s signature look with huge blonde hair and bleached eyebrows.

Her red lips and winged eyeliner can be seen with ankle boots and the transparent overcoat with yellow with black suspenders and stockings.

Maisie Wiliams as Blonde in Sex Pistol Drama

Maisei Williams in overcaot

Sex Pistol is based on Steve Jone’s memoir and the rise to fame in the 70s. Anson Boon will play Johnny Rotten who is also known as John Lydon and Jacob Slatter will play the role of Paul Cook. Louis Partridge will portray Sid Vicious who is the best know for the role in Enola Holmes. Maisie Williams will be seen as the legendary Pamela Rooke in Sex Pistols drama. Pistols is set to be released next year and based on the legendary rock band which consists of Johnny Rotten, Glen Matlock, Paul Cook, and Sid Vicious.

What could be the plot of Sex Pistols?

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As per Indian Express, The series will be based on the controversial relationship of Sid and Nancy who are known for using drugs, as know, Nancy died in 1978 at the young age of 20, who was found in the couple’s bathroom having a stab wound on the abdomen. Vicious was then got arrested and charged with murder. Recently Maisie Wiliams was criticized for fronting the H&M sustainability initiative and become a brand ambassador for the cause. The actor has announced that she will help the brand to use only recycled or sustainability-source materials by 2030.

The criticism Maisie Wiliams is facing

Maisie Wiliams went topless for her characters and can be seen with a PVC coat while heading towards the set. Her bleached hair and eye makeup gave her a very good look. The series will be consist of 12 episodes, of which 6 episodes’ principal photography has been started Danny will be the director and the Executive Producer.

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