Unforgotten Season 5: Following Cassie Stuart’s exit, Nicola Walker’s replacement was revealed

Unforgotten Season 5 Updates: DCI Cassie Stuart was written out of Unforgotten following the fourth season. Fans wonder, Why did Nicola Walker quit Unforgotten?

Nicola Walker played DCI Stuart, a strong and beloved character, in Unforgotten for four seasons. Because of the character’s popularity, her death was even more heartbreaking for the viewers. Cassie Stuart, played by Nicola Walker, unwillingly returned to the police force to receive her pension in season four of Unforgotten. As the season progressed, fans wished for Cassie to find happiness with her lover, DCI John Bentley, while also wishing that she would stay on the force indefinitely to continue to watch more episodes of Unforgotten.

How Did Cassie Stuart Die in Unforgettable Season 4?

DCI Stuart was killed in a horrible vehicle accident on the penultimate episode of the most current season. When DI Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) came to the hospital to inform her of a case, he found his colleague in crime had been killed. This left him to finish the inquiry on his own, although he will be joined by another colleague in the future. Stuart would not be getting her happy ending, which was heartbreaking.

Cassie died as a result of her injuries in the accident, and the show ended with her funeral. Sunny went to Cassie’s grave to put flowers that read, “Mother, daughter, Copper,” at the end of the show, and we watched through tears.

Why Nicola Walker Steps Down from Unforgotten Season 5?

Many viewers are surprised as to why Nicola Walker chose to leave the show after four seasons of success. Although Nicola has not made an official announcement, there are a few factors that could influence her decision. Cassie wanted to leave the force, according to the first theory. It wouldn’t make sense for the series to continue after Cassie got her happy ending and went away with her wonderful lover John, though we’d definitely still watch it.

Another factor could have been Nicola’s upcoming role in a new detective show called Alibi. The new series is named after Nicola’s primary character, Annika, who works for the Marine Homicide Unit.

The exit of Nicola Walker made ITV give her a tribute of thanks. ITV has expressed its gratitude to Nicola Walker for portraying Cassie Stuart in four seasons of Unforgotten, which has become one of the most popular and critically acclaimed police dramas on television. Nicola and writer Chris Lang decided that Cassie’s tale would end after the fourth season but the show, Unforgotten will pick up with a fresh case and a new ‘Partner in Crime’ for DI Sunny Khan in series five.

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