Android 12: Features, Release Date & More Details We Have Right Now

Android 12 Details

Android 12 Updates: The much-awaited Android 12 kicks off tomorrow, and we’re expecting to get a first look at the finalized Android 12. Here is what we have known so far about the new version of Android.

Android users have much waiting on the arrival of the Android 12 since Google announced it back in February. With Google’s annual developer conference Google I/O starting Tuesday, it’s more likely that we will get a better look at the finalized version of Andriod 12, and maybe find out the time of its arrival.

The Android 12 Release Date

Google hasn’t announced when Android will be released generally, but it is expected that the release of the final version of the major Android updates will be somewhere around August or September. Android 11 arrived on 8th of September, 2020 and Android 10 was also launched in the month of September the 3rd, 2019.

How to Download the Android 12

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As usual, it depends on who makes your device, like Google, Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi. But generally, once the update starts rolling out it will be made available to Android users all you will need to do is go to System > Advanced > System update > Check for updates. Here you will find you latest Android update on your Android smart phone.

A major question which does creep in users mind is will the new Android version be compatible to their devices, with vast no of mobile companies running on Android it’s difficult to list all the devices which support. But you can expect Google Pixel 3 along with phones from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo and other manufacturers to roll out the updates as soon as possible to their users.

What are the key features of Android 12?

App privacy feature will allow more transparency and control, according to the Android Developer blog post. One update gives more information about how cookies be used across sites. Another changes how to export information and data. However, these policies are less strict than that of Apple’s IOS.

Redesigned notifications will give a modern touch and functionality. When you tap on notifications, it will take you to the action you want to take instead of going through intermediary service to start the action, this will give the device a snappy interface that runs faster. The latest update also will rearrange you notification on how you work with different apps. Another cool feature is the – hand mode which makes it easier for the user to operate the phone with the thumb, search bar will be made available at the bottom of screen while on this feature. The new feature “silky home” makes the thumb user interface more suitable and easier to use.

Trash and recycle bin management

Google may allow you to manage the Recycle bin with the Android 12, You will be able to see how much of storage space your trashed items take up and clear the trash as needed.

Face Based auto-rotate

You can turn your phone on portrait or landscape and the screen will adjust with you. With Android 12, on Pixel phones it appears you’ll be able to choose to auto rotate based on the way your head is turned – if you are lying down, according to 9to5Google.

There’s plenty more you can discover once Android 12 officially rolls out on your Android devices.

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