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Will we have Fire Force Season 3? – Release Date, Cast and Plot

Fire Force Season 3 Updates: Since Fire Force season 2 ended in December 2020, fans have been waiting for the next season. The second season saw some action-packed final episodes which also teased fans about what is to come next. And the wait might be over pretty soon.

The upcoming season will see the Fire Force Company 8 teaming up with several other companies to present a united front against the threats that they have come across in the previous season. With so much to see, fans are on their toes.

Fire Force Season 3: Possible release date

Season 2 of the series ended on a bittersweet note, making some fans quite upset. Not expected by many, the season ended with one of the Fire Force captains being killed by a newly introduced White Clad. His death, however, leads to the unification of the entire Fire Force to put up a strong front against the White Clads.

With the ending credits of the season, fans were left with the message またね (mata ne), meaning “see you again.” While no other details have been revealed yet, the message might be an indication for a season 3.

Even still, the season might not be out until 2022 or later as the production studio David Production, has several other projects releasing in 2021.

Season 3: Spoilers ahead


The third season might begin with Chapter 175 of the manga.

Now that Captain Hague has been assassinated, the Emperor would order Company 1 to cooperate with the White Clads in the spirit of “unity”.

On the other hand, Company 7’s Captain Obi is arrested by the Tokyo Army while in a meeting with the Fire Captain.

Meanwhile, Company 8 is attacked by the Tokyo Empire.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until the release of season 3.