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My Hero Academia: Voice Actor of Izuku Says About His Strenghts


My Hero Academia Season 5: My Hero Academia has been the fan favorite since the time it was first released in april of the year 2016. The english voice actor of the lead of this japanese anime is Justin Briner. He tells us about what are Izuku Midoriya’s biggest strengths despite his power “One for All”.

The season 5 of My hero Academia is currently available for streaming and amidst this the voice actor of Izuku shares some things about his character. Funimation shared a video of the interview between the host of funimation and justin.

Plot Of My Hero Academia Season 5

The story of My hero Academia takes place in a world where some people are born with super powers. This in turn resulted with the formation of the hero association that protects the people born without powers.

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Among all this comes our protagonist Izuku Midoriya who is a boy born without powers. Despite all this Izuku has had the life long wish of becoming a super hero. But even though when he found out that he is born powerless, izuku had the determination of becoming a hero. It was this when he met All Might who is the greatest hero of japan. All Might decides to share his power “One For All” with Izuku.

After this Izuku enrolls in the UA academy which is a special schools for people born with super powers. It is here, where people born with powers learn to control their powers and are taught how to use their powers more efficently. Izuku then encounters and many foes and in turn learns more about his mysterious power.


Justin shared that though being born without powers, Izuku worked hard for his power that he inherited from All Might. All Might is the Greatest Hero of Japan.

The best trait about izuku is that he understands what it feels like to be powerless cause he had been that way all along his life. And his nature dosen’t changes one bit even after he receives the quirk(powers) of the most powerful hero of japan.