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Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2: Tenika Davis And The Power Of The Flare 2

Jupiter's Legacy Season 2 Flare

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Updates: Tenika Davis started her career in Canada’s Next Top Model where is was a competitor, where she managed to came in sixth place. This opens the door of opportunities for her as the first star on TV shows such as Skins, Space Janitors, Lost Girl, and The Listener. She also appears in Hollywood TV movies like The Book Of Negroes, 19-2, and Mira. She mentioned to us below that, Jupiter’s Legacy is going to be a completely new chapter for here.

Who Is The Flare 2 in Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2?

Jupiter's Legacy Season 2 Flare
JUPITER’S LEGACY (L to R) TENIKA DAVIS as PETRA SMALL in episode 102 of JUPITER’S LEGACY Cr. Steve Wilkie/Netflix © 2021

Power And Abilities: Petra can transform into mass energy like her father, he can fly and can project powerful massive energy blasts.

Need To Know: She take The Flare from her Father, there is and big tension between them; She (Fitz) understands her doubts about The union more than Sheldon does his kids’.

Tenika Davis is loyal and protects the people whom she loves, and we will witness in this series that if she is willing to save their loved ones by paying the price.

The power of the show is described by it always comes to love. They have made a unique family and we’re hoping that you will also fall in love with them. Jupiter Legacy will be set to release on Netflix on, May, 7.

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