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The Boys Season 3 Villain Revealed and All Other Details

The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 3 Updates: Aya Cash, who played Stormfront on The Boys season 2, announced that she was cast before the first season was even out. The Boys is a cinematic version of the same-named comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The first season premiered on Amazon Prime in 2019 and received positive reviews. Season 2 of The Boys debuted in Fall 2020, garnering even more widespread acclaim and still acting as a rating juggernaut for Amazon, with The Boys season 2 release attracting a larger audience than The Mandalorian season 2 premiere.

Stormfront, who replaced the Seven after Translucent’s death in season 1, was played by Cash. She proved to be a refreshing change of pace at first, denying Vought’s commercialization and acting as a mentor to Starlight.

One of the season’s greatest surprises was the revelation that Stormfront was years older than she looked, and that she was also a retired Nazi. For the remaining seasons, the plot changed, and Stormfront took over as the main character, using her celebrity and massive social media base to disenfranchise minorities against superheroes.

The Boys Season 3 The Contract

The Boys Season 3
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Cash admitted to Collider that she was cast as Stormfront before the first season of The Boys had aired. Cash claimed that she got the part several months before the show’s first season aired, long before it was even signed up for a second season.

Stormfront was cast before the show had even aired a single episode, according to Cash, so he needed to make a custom suit for the star. Though she was nervous about playing the complex character before ever seeing the episode, her discussions with show creator Eric Kripke convinced her that the production would be of high quality.

In The Boys season 2 finale, Stormfront’s destiny was left unclear. Homelander’s son nearly destroyed her, leaving her burned and nearly helpless during their battle.

Stormfront is still intact, according to Kripke, but her future on The Boys is still up for grabs. Cash was unclear if Stormfront would stay for season 3, theorizing that she wouldn’t because filming for the next season had already begun and her agreement was only for a year.

Though Stormfront’s tenure on The Boys has come to an end, the character and Cash’s quality will undoubtedly be remembered for the rest of the course of the show. The surprise surrounding Stormfront sent shockwaves across the internet, and Cash’s depiction was regularly lauded during the season’s broadcast.

Cash’s choice to start such a complex character before ever seeing The Boys was audacious, but it paid off handsomely throughout the result.