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Battlefield 6 Confirms The Release Of Last – Gen & Current – Gen Console!!

Battlefield 6 Launch Date

Battlefield 6 is on the verge to release both versions namely, Last – Gen and Current-Gen this holiday season. EA says both are going to be extremely amazing from all perspectives. Rumors were spreading that Battlefield 6 may not release the Last-Gen Console. And fans thought that EA and DICE would cope up with space to the release of Xbox Series 10 and PS5. Still, it feels like that is not going to be true.

Battlefield 6 Details

There is also a reason for us to say so because Battlefield 4 released alongside the release of Xbox One and PS4. They have in fact released both the Last-Gen and the Current-Gen Consoles for the same. Also, after one and a half years of the release of Battlefield 4, they released Battlefield Hardline. This too was released in both the Last-Gen and the Current-Gen consoles. Battlefield Hardline was also accompanied by the release of Xbox Series 360 and PS3. Because of Xbox One and PS4, the visuals of Battlefield 4 were enhanced, and the player count was also doubled as well. This allowed the players to experience an incredible level of scope and scale. In Battlefield 4 as well both the versions Last – Gen and Current-Gen were amazing.

Battlefield 6 Details

Although no such first posters or images have released related to Battlefield 6, fans are expecting a trailer very soon. EA has not shown any signs of releasing a trailer for the much-awaited shooter. EA has cleared through VGC that they might release the first look of Battlefield 6 by the month of June. The publishers have confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be releasing on both Last – Gen and Current-Gen consoles. Also, the CEO Andrew Wilson has been speaking highly about the EA and DICE because of all their efforts in making both versions of the game a huge success.

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Few leaks of the game Battlefield 6 shows that there are “revolution” effects in the game which will be having near-future settings with possible tornados. EA chose to remain silent on the topic when asked about the settings or in-game features, but they have kept on hyping and concentrating on the name of the game. They have even promised their fans that it is going to be a rocking one.

There are rumors that Battlefield 6 is going to be a 128 player multi-player game. Let’s wait to see how this works!!

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