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Mashle: Magic and Muscles – It is a Japanese manga series written and instance by Hajime Komoto. It has been episodic in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since January 2020. Its genre is Adventure, Comic Fantasy. There are 6 volumes.

The plot of Mashle: Magic and Muscles

About this series, I understand that this is a world full of magic, and we used it everywhere and everything. But huge there is forests exists a young man who spends is all-time in the training. He cannot use that magic, but he always enjoyed a quiet or peaceful life with his father. But there is one day come when his life is put in danger!

Characters of Mashle

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There are few characters in this series. So, let see who they are and what type of abilities they have –

1.Mash Burnedead – Mash Burndead is a young man who is born without magic, but constructs for it with the solid ability and his unusual ways to disobey logic.

2.Finn Ames – Finn Ames is Mash’s roommate in the academy. He generally takes part in the straight man to the other character’s antics.

3.Lance Crown – Lance Crown is Mash’s rival. Afterward his sister snatch by a disease he would take away her magic.

4.Dot Barret – Dot Barret is Mash’s self-proclaimed rival who is hot-blooded and easy to irritate.

5.Lemon Irvine – Lemon Irvine is Mash’s self-proclaimed fiancé. She is calm and crazy.

6.Rayne Ames – Rayne Ames is a current divine visionary and he is the older brother of Finn. He has a sincere personality. He has a soft spot in his heart. His unique magic is swords.

Respective other mashle characters obstruct the oddity of a hero who has no magical powers. Finn Ames is the one who is mash’s roommate who is generally reacting to his direct antics in an amazing yet important fashion. Rayne who is the brother of Finn is one of the school’s most unusual students.

Lance Crown is Mash’s rival whose ambition is to become an unusual divine visionary and convert the power of the magic world. Lance’s sister who forget her magic after infectious and infrequent disease, maybe passes judgment on her’s death for now being helpless. Dot Barret who is the rival of mash, the harbor is an active and passionate person that leaves him always tickle to prove himself. Lemon Irvine, is comparatively a different girl who declares that she is Finn’s Fiancé. She is calm and crazy.

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