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Love, Death and Robots Season 2: Everything to Know About

Love, Deaths & Robots Season 2 Details

Love Deaths & Robots Season 2 is going to release and the fans can’t wait to dive into the show. The series, sometimes stylized as Love+Deaths+Robots, is a science-fiction compilation that puts the works of artists around the world in the limelight. The story is written by David Fincher and Tim Miller. Season 1 is accepted as a masterpiece that is created by the daring genre that offers elements like steampunk, cyber thug, and also body horror. 

Love, Deaths & Robots Season 2 trailer has released which shows that it has taken a contemplative tone from the past. Season 1 premiered in March on Netflix that received positive responses but some critics didn’t accept the approach towards sex and violence. The new season is going to be explicit with nudity and bloodsheds at its best, and it will take time to inherit moral disputes and major political aspects like climate change. 

Love, Deaths & Robots Season 2 Released Date Info

Love, Deaths & Robots Season 2

The science-fiction series, Love, Deaths & Robots, is slated to premiere on May 14 on Netflix. The new season will have only eight episodes which is half the length of Volume 1. Most of the episodic span will be around 10-15 minutes while two of the shorts will be of 6-8 minutes. Netflix also announced that Season 3 of the series is coming in 2022.

Love, Deaths & Robots: Animators from Hollywood

The new season will have a list of animators who are well-known faces of Hollywood. Tim Miller’s Blur Studio is going to be animating in three of the eight shorts of the season. The first episode, “Pop Squad”, will be directed by Kung Fu Panda fame, Jennifer Yuh. 

The second episode “Life Hutch” will be directed by Alex Beaty of the Blur Studio, who also worked in ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ and ‘Deadpool’. Miller is directing episode 7 in a hyper-realistic format which was evident in most episodes of Season 1. The animation used by the Blur Studio is so precise that even the pores and wrinkles of the faces are visible in close-up shots.

Love, Deaths & Robots Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Love Deaths & Robots Season 2 has dropped on April 19 which hints at the action-packed and epic season is on the way. Apart from the galactic battles and firefights, the trailer depicts the voiceovers and conversations that suggest how ordinary human beings handle extraordinary situations. The second volume of the series will not only focus on drama and battle but will also focus on trademark humor style, visible from a scene from episode 5. 

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