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Blue Miracle: Is the new Netflix movie based on a true story?

Blue Miracle Cast Details
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Blue Miracle Updates: A lot of new and exciting content will be dropped on Netflix this May including the much-awaited movie Blue Miracle. The drama is based on a group of orphan boys in Mexico whose home is destroyed by a hurricane. To save their home, the boys and their guardian Omar, enter a fishing competition.

The guardian sets up a meeting with a professional fisherman to convince him to help the boys win the prize money which could salvage their orphanage.

However, the feel-good film might be based on a true story. Here’s all you need to know about the new production.

Is Blue Miracle really based on a true story?

In short, yes. The story behind the new film is very much real. It is inspired by the true story of Casa Hogar, a boys’ home-based in Mexico that faced the wrath of Hurricane Odile in the year 2014. Following which the boys and their caretaker entered Brisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament, one of the biggest fishing tournaments in the world.

Blue Miracle Netflix Release date
Credit: Netflix

According to news reports from 2014, even though they had never fished before, the team was able to participate thanks to the “Bisbee Cabo Charter Hook-up,” which helped local charter captains who had been affected by the hurricane, back out on the sea. In addition to that, an anonymous donor pledged to sponsor the entry fee for any team that competed with a local boat.

Blue Miracle: When will the movie release?

Blue Miracle is set to premiere on Netflix on Thursday, May 27.

Is the trailer out yet?

The first trailer for the movie was released by Netflix a couple of days ago.

Blue Miracle: Cast

Blue Miracle has quite a mix of stars including Dennis Quaid who plays the part of Wade, Anthony Gonzalez as Geco, Jimmy Gonzales as Omar, Bruce McGill as Wayne Bisbee, Raymond Cruz as Hector, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson playing Tricia Bisbee, Fernanda Urrejola as Becca, and more.

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