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Blue Miracle Cast and Role Guide with Release Date

Blue Miracle on Netflix: Who stars in Netflix’s Blue Miracle, and how do you learn the cameo? There is a complete failure of the lead players in the 2021 film. Here is everybody who leads in the Blue Miracle cast, and whereas the spectators may concede them from. Blue Miracle says that the original tale of a Mexican man who attempts to rescue his orphan’s home by winning a fishing contest in 2014. Dennis Quaid co-actors as a grizzled chief who wishes to re-live the history.

In Blue Miracle, Hurricane Odile roots submerging at the orphanage Casa Hogar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. ‘Papa’ Omar and his better-half Becca owe a bank over $100,000, and to pull out to the regional businessman Wayne Bisbee for assistance.

Blue Miracle leads the Casa Hogar managers and their residents as they collaborate with Captain Wade Malloy and attempt to win ‘The Super Bowl of Fishing Tournaments’, Bisbee’s Black & Blue. Quaid storylines the Blue Miracle cast, but the younger spectators may be a lot familiar with his co-actor, immy Gonzales, who acts as one of the Three Kings in Mayans M.C. The supporting cast involves a voice artist from the Pixar film 2017 Coco, and Chilean actress Fernanda Urrejola adds a few additional, strengths as Papa Omar’s wife.

Cast Information of Blue Miracle :

Captain Wade Malloy by Dennis Quaid.

Omar Venegas by Jimmy Gonzales.

Moco by Miguel Angel Garcia.

Geco by Anthony Gonzalez.

Supporting members and roles:


Becca by Fernanda Urrejola.

Omar’s better-half, who is known for her chilaquiles. Fernanda Urrejola illustrated María Elvira in Narcos: Mexico and Gloria Acosta in Party of Five.

Hollywood by Nathan Arena.

A long-haired Casa Hogar group member, the jokester of the team. Nathan Arenas illustrated Jorge Ramirez in Bunk’d and Danny in Diary of a Future President.

Tweety by Steve Gutierrez.

A young Casa Hogar inhabitant with potential religious beliefs. Steve Gutierrez illustrated Roberto Ruiz in NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 and Cedro in Snowfall season 4.

Bisher by Bruce McGill.

The originator of the Black & Blue fishing tournament. Bruce McGill illustrated Daniel Simpson Day in National Lampoon’s Animal House and Ron Motley in The Insider. He also emerged as Jordan Ramsey in Shades of Blue and B0bby Spencer in The Crew.

Wiki by Isaac Arellanes.

A hushed person of the Casa Hogar team who is exhorted to hug the totter. Isaac Arellanes illustrated 11-Year-Old Daniel in Euphoria and Ruben Reyna in Ghostwriter.

Tricia Bisbee by Dana Wheeler-Nicholson.

Wayne’s sister. Dana Wheeler-Nicholson illustrated Gail Stanwyk in Fletch and Mattie Earp in Tombstone. Her other characters involve Angela Collette in Friday Night Lights and Beverly O’Connor in Nashville.

Hector by Raymond Cruz.

Omar’s friend who gives the team t-shirts. Raymond Cruz illustrated Chavez in Clear and Present Danger and Distephano in Alien: Resurrection. He also emerged as Tuco Salamanca in Breaking Bad and Julio Sanchez in The Closer.

Chato by Silverio Palacios.

Captain Wade’s assistant. Silverio Palacios illustrated Jesús “Chuy” Carranza in Y Tu Mamá También and Head Jailer in The Legend of Zorro.


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