Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Release Date And More Details

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Updates: The release date of the second part of  season 5 of Netflix’s Lucifer has been set for may 28 of the year 2021 and the fans can barely contain their excitement.

Lucifer follows the story of Lucifer Morningstar who is actually the devil enjoying a vacation at earth. The story of lucifer is that he was an angel once but was banished from heaven when his ideology differed from that of god and he tried to stole his power.

As a result he was banished from heaven and sent to Hell to atone for his sinner as the ultimate sinner. He was ripped from his title of angel of light and his angelic wings, and was given demonic horn.

All About Lucifer Season 5 part 2

The role of lucifer in the series is personified by Tom Ellis. The series follows several episodes that aren’t linked with each other.

However the story as an whole also follows along the way. The cast of lucifer includes Tom ellis (Lucifer),Lauren German(Chloe Decker), Leslie Ann Brandt(Mazikeen), D.B woodside (Amanadiel),scarlett esteviz (beatrice),Racheal Harris (Dr Linda Martin),Kevin Rankin(Detective malcolm grahm),Aimee Garcia(Ella Lopez),Tricia Helfer(Mum/Goddess),Tom Welling(Lietuement marcus pierce) and Inbar Lavi(Eve).

Though after getting cancelled after the low ratings of the show after the third season. The show gradually picked up it’s pace with it’s good story writing in the fourth season.

The show was granted a fifth season and was released on april 21 2020.With a total of 16 episodes, the first eight episodes are already available on netflix for streaming and the second part is yet to be released.

At the end of the finale of the first part of season 5,we saw that the show introduced lucifer’s father i.e god. The character of god is being played by Dennis Haybert. The show will probably move in the direction of explaining the relationship between god and lucifer.

Though it was previously announced that season 5 would be the final chapter in the franchise. We know have news that the series will continue with having a sixth season. This season will be the lat addition to the American TV drama.

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