Love, Death & Robots Volume 2 Release Date Updates: Will there be a new season? When is it coming out?

Love, Death & Robots Volume 2 Updates: What it’s About: Love death and Robots is an adult animated series that first aired in May of the year 2019.

Gradually gaining popularity  among teenagers, the series even won the Emmy Award in 2019. It’s producer’s are namely David Fincher, Tim miller and Joshua Donen.

There were 18 episodes in the first season of Love death and robots. The time duration for each episode varied from 6 to 18 minutes. However the Psychological bits that were introduced in each episode  are unrelated to each other.

What’s New In Love, Death & Robots Volume 2

The season 2 of Love death and Robots is set to be released on Netflix on May 14 in the year 2021. The trailer for season 2 of love death and robots gave probable hints about what the episodes are going to be about.

Though the series is known for having it’s unpredictable Storyline so it will be difficult to show what to the audience would be offered with. One thing the fans can expect is the gruesome action, violence and sex. Clearly stating that this show is not for children’s.

Slash Film

In the first season of Love death and Robots, one of the episode was a live action episode instead of being an animated episode.

The title of that episode is “Ice Age” so it is possible to witness another live action episode in the second season. However neither the directors nor the trailer have hinted of a live action episode being featured.

Love death and robots is often associated with netflix’s other anthologies. These are Black mirror and Devilman Crybaby. Black mirror is a live action tv series whereas Devilman crybaby is a anime.

The non-linked episodes of black mirror and the psychological acts shown in devilman crybaby are worth linking to What love death and robots have in bag.

The voice actors that will give their voice to the characters in season 2 of Love Death and Robots are going to include Gary Cole, Chris Parnell, Omid Abtahi, John DiMaggio, Christine Adams,Josh Brener, and Jill Talley. Also, include Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Nolan North, Elaine Tan, Aaron Himelstein, Samira Wiley, and Stefan Kapičić.

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