My Hero Academia Season 5 Creator Teases Surprising New Fact About the Story’s Ending

My Hero Academia Season 5 Updates: My Hero Akademia’s Himiko Toga’s way of expressing how she feels about people she likes makes most vampire fights…

Published: April 28th, 2021 4:33 am | Updated: April 28, 2021 4:33 am

My Hero Academia Season 5 Updates: My Hero Akademia’s Himiko Toga’s way of expressing how she feels about people she likes makes most vampire fights feel less sad.

Quirk’s tragedy of Himiko Toga at My Hero Academy, vampires suffering due to the need to suck human blood.

The night is full of very intriguing stories about these mythical creatures, those who are struggling to survive are completely incapable of sucking human blood because they are often reluctant to do so or adhere to some self-imposed moral code.

Whatever the reason, these more sensitive vampires will try to prevent this most unfortunate act at all costs.

Like the vampires, the My Hero Academia villain known as Himiko Toga also takes blood, but does not escape her need for inspiration. In addition, she found that she could not stop the feast on the blood of her victims after initiating the process, another common many vampires did not share.

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However, unlike her vampire counterparts, Toga takes blood to activate her Transform Quirk, which allows her to look and sound like a blood-sucking person. She is initially believed to be the same reason for performing this action. But she revealed that she had to suck the blood of those she loved.

Later, Toga finds out that she can also receive her victim’s quirk‌ if her attachment to the victim is particularly strong, which ends in the case of the hero Ochako Uraka from Class 1-A.

Toga, who wants to become like her, uses Ochoko’s Zero Gravity Quirk to kill another man. What makes Toga’s situation even more tragic is that in her excitement, Toga explains the matter to Ochako, fighting with her in Chapter 289, hoping that this information will bring them closer.

But as a hero, Toga sees that he has used his power to assassinate and let her express disgust. Toga is so heartbroken with Ochako’s response that she walks away with tears in her eyes.

Herein lies the true tragedy of Toga’s plight at My Hero Academy. Toga usually takes blood from those she earned through fighting and therefore only turns into people who don’t like her or see her as an enemy.

In addition, even if Toga sucks the blood of a nonhero, the real owner of the blood will undoubtedly not like the experience, because most people do not enjoy or welcome their blood coming out of them.

In other words, the way Toga shows affection for him is rarely – if ever – reciprocal. If not, the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Or, at least, they come out. Meanwhile, vampires suck blood because they have to survive.

Unfortunately, Himiko Toga sucks blood from love and therefore can hate her affection and danger or really express how she is for anyone.