Yellowstone Season 4. Will John Dutton Punish Jamie For his ‘betrayal’?

Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: Season 4 of Yellowstone is in the making for Paramount Network and the season 3 finale left fans with several questions.

In season 3 each of the Dutton family member was targeted in an attack by an anonymous assailant. A video clip was posted from social media accounts of Yellowstone suggesting Jamie was involved.

Yellowstone Season 4: Will John Dutton Punish Jamie For his ‘betrayal’? 

Yellowstone fans were left on the corner of their seats during the season three finale of the western melodrama.

In the final episode of the series Yellowstone saw that John Dutton shot and left at the side of the road, in emergency need of care.

Beth daughter of John Dutton was in her office when an explosive device was set off.

Group of Gunmen hunted down Kayce Dutton and he was left by them to fight for his life.

Jamie was only one from Dutton family who was not targeted, who abandoned his family before the attacks.

Yellowstone Season 4

The social media accounts of Yellowstone have just posted a video teasing that Jamie betray his own family in some way.

In video both were there Jamie and John, Jamie saying: ‘Dad, I won’t betray you, you have my word’.

John replied: “Well, we’re about to find what that’s worth.”

Many of viewers were not convinced that Jamie is involved in attack.

On of the viewer commented: ” And the lie detector determined, that was a lie”, while other viewer commented: ” All that man ever did was betray his dad.”

What you guys think is Jamie was involved in the attack? Will John Dutton Punish Jamie For his ‘betrayal’? Do let us know your special thoughts in our comment section and also check out our website for more information about the Animation and also for  other Cool Stuff.


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