My Dress-Up Darling Anime Release Date and Plot Explained

My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling Updates: My Dress-Up Darling is close to receiving an anime creation of its own. Here we will find out information regarding the release date, cast, and much more.

So this anime series is a romantic comedy and a manga series of Slice of life which is created by Shinichi Fukuda. Also known as “Sono Bisuku Doru wa Koi Wo Suru” this manga which is translated to “The Bisque Doll That Fell in Love”
On MyAnimeList the manga has been rated at 7.79 by more than a thousand users. Thousands of fans have already read this series from across the world, who is awaiting the release of this anime adaptation.

Manga of My Dress-Up Darling
First released on 18th Jan 2018 the manga series of My Dress-Up Darling was created and illustrated by Shinichi Fukuda. It was serialized in the same year of the release by Square Enix’s company, named Young Gangan.

Square Enix the company from which it happened to be a series after the year of its debut, Square Enix made an announcement that it would create the English versions of the manga.

Seinen is the demographic for the manga. It includes a total number of 7 volumes of the manga till now with the latest version to be a scheduled release for the 24th of Apr 2021. The anime series was announced this year.

The Plot

My Dress-Up Darling
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The story of this manga consists of a young man named Wakana Goju, who aspires to become a Hina doll craftsman. While creating a doll one day at school, Marin Kitagawa his classmate identifies his skills.

Marin wants to try out cosplaying and while doing it his classmate Wakana’s sewing skills creates her a costume. The two stumble into a virtual world of conversations and cosplaying together.

There is no evidence at this time to be sure whether or not the anime series will be as the same plot as the manga. We can expect 7 volumes for this series. It will be a highly anticipated series from Square Enix.

Release Date

There is no expected date fr the series as of now. Although Young Gangan announced this month that creation for the manga will be on the cover of the 9th issues of 2021.

Square Enix is currently having his hands on another manga named “The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!”. It is however predicted that the series will make its debut in 2022.


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