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Thor 4: Why Chris Hemsworth’s New Look Is The Opposite Of Endgame’s Fat Thor

Thor 4
Screen Rant

Thor 4 Updates: Chris Hemsworth will be seen as the strongest and fittest in Thor 4 love and thunder which would be the exact opposite to the fat Thor seen in Avengers end game. And now the team has revealed that how this transformation will have an impact on the movie.

The production of the movie is being moved smoothly as it was delayed for a long due to corona pandemics. Soon Thor 4 love and thunder would be seen in theatres.

The team members involved in the movie are not able to reveal the details about the film but Chris Hemsworth has said that he is the fittest physical state for the movie. He also said that he was in the best physical state for this particular movie than the others for the MCU for years.

Thor 4: Chirs Hemsworth New Look Revealed

Thor 4
Screen Rant

Hemsworth is working a lot for a perfect physical figure for his respective portions. The unique thing is that Thor is shown at his worst in Avenger’s endgame.

Thor was shown at his worst as he failed to Thanos snap in Avengers infinity war. Thor the god of thunder had spent the next five years in gaining a perfect physique for the upcoming franchise. He has gained a significant amount of weight.

Years had passed after the release of Thor Love and Thunder and the endgame and still he is on the heavier side. The fourth franchise of Thor creates a way to bounce back to his fittest and strongest Thor in Love and thunder.

Deep inside Thor in the endgame, Thor has accepted that he will not fit to be the king of Asgard and he joined the guardians of galaxy for a new adventure. This would make the fat Thor be one of the happy character and the boldest of all  the other franchises of Thor