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Outriders Glitch Deletes All Gear From Your Inventory

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Outriders Updates: Outriders gamers are reporting that their whole inventories are being wiped due to an odd bug. People Can Fly is operating to restore it.

Infamous looter-shooter Outriders has been no stranger to large release week issues, however, its cutting-edge malicious program can be one of the maximum concerns.

Players are reporting that their complete inventories in Outriders have become randomly wiped, leaving them with not anything to reveal for dozens of hours of labor and probably fairly prone to enemies at their modern-day level.

Although the reception from the ones who’ve played Outriders is positive, a few are having an instead bad experience. On pinnacle of the noteworthy quantity of bugs, Outriders released with server outages that avoided gamers from logging in to the game.

Some gamers have been extra knowledgeable than others, however, it has given the shooter a chunk of popularity for now no longer launching in the pleasant state. It won’t be completely broken, however, a number of its problems are elevating issues amongst gamers.

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The latest Outriders difficulty is a glitch that randomly wipes a player’s inventory, consistent with Reddit user awolCZ (via Kotaku). Many gamers are being stripped right down to their undies and are left without firearms or gadgets with which to shield themselves.

We’re still figuring out whether the best way would be a one-to-one customer support team method (which may be more accurate but would take much longer and may not be feasible if there are many cases), or whether we can (as previously) run a mass-one-off restoration event via our backend,” stated a Square Enix consultant on Reddit.

As extra gamers go back to Outriders, it is alarming that such trouble is present. Since Outriders’ primary gameplay loop revolves around grinding for brand new tools or buying them with in-recreation currency, and because it will become not possible to transport ahead in the sport without the proper loadout, that is a trouble to want to be addressed quickly.

It’s uncertain how or if developer People Can Fly can repair gamers’ inventory, however solving the problem to save you from taking place to extra human beings need to be a priority.

People Can Fly are nonetheless tough at paintings about bringing the severs back. The crew has promised to element what befell Outriders’ servers whilst they may be completely constant as an approach of making sure transparency with fans.

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