Kamen Rider to Debut First Anime Series, Fuuto Pi in 2022

Fuuto Pi
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Kamen Rider Updates: A brand new Anime series is announced by Kamen Rider, it would the first for Toei’s live-action Tokusatsu Franchise, In 2022 Fuuto Pi is coming! 50th Anniversary Milestone is now being celebrating the franchise of Kamen Rider and it would be huge and big as some of the big projects are in the works.

On this big milestone, the occasion franchise is branching its first full Anime series Adaptation ever apart from their live-action series. This would be a whole new avenue for the franchise Anime Project.

On celebrating the 50th anniversary, Toei has announced that they will produce a very new Anime Adaptation of the Kamen Rider W sequel manga series which will be inspired by it, Fuuto Pi. Fuuto Pi which has been created by Riku Sanjo and Masaki Sato has been running since 2017 at Shogakukan‘s Big Comic Spirits magazine and will lift up from where the Kamen Rider W left off in 2019.

Funimation is the platform where the Anime series will debut in 2022 and the first visual look for Anime! has also been exposed by Funimation.

All About Kamen Rider

Fuuto Pi
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The franchise W was the 11th iteration the story followed where a detective whose name is Shotaro is hired for work with a mysterious person who’s named Phillip.

Both of them use their individual strengths, two of them combine to form the titular of the series as two of them share an individual body. Kamen Rider’s franchise is one of the most popular iterations to date.

Toei has shown the look and the logo of Anime and teased the fans it’s is been confirmed by Toei that the anime series will be launch in summer 2022 and the fans who want to see the anime series outside Japan can stream it on Funimation.

Let us know your thoughts in comments that how it feels that the franchise is getting an official Anime series? You can also reach out to our website for more information about the Anime series and more.

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