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PlayStation 5 Made Entirely Out Of Brass Looks Beautiful

PlayStation 5
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PlayStation 5 Updates: The ingenious YouTuber transforms the black and white plastic housing of the PlayStation 5 into a housing made of solid brass and gives it a unique look.

Although it is already an amazing game console with a futuristic design, it looks even more incredible when the PlayStation 5 is made entirely of brass.

However, although some lucky owners of Sony’s latest game consoles are using custom designs, the general public may encounter problems. PS5‘s supply bottleneck has worsened.

The most recent accident in the Suez Canal was that a large ship blocked the entire canal, causing serious consequences worldwide: it has caused more than $50 billion in losses to the global economy and also caused losses to the gambling industry. It may also be affected.

There is full concern that the blockade of the Suez Canal may cause a serious shortage of PlayStation 5 game consoles. Insufficient host supply has caused a large number of resellers to resell the PS5 at extremely high prices, and the situation may change. Due to this transportation disaster, the scale is even larger.

PlayStation 5 Other Information:

PlayStation 5
Screen Rant

The creator of YouTube content, DIY Perks, turned the ordinary black and white protective cover of the PlayStation 5 into a custom protective cover made entirely of brass.

When I realized in the video that the original console design was one of the most impressive and recognizable console styles in recent years, I decided to take it to a whole new level. After all, as DIY Perks admits, the eye-catching appearance is just a piece of plastic.

This idea led the author to decide to make a new case with higher quality materials. Especially brass. This video covers the entire process of redesigning the PS5 and turning it into shiny metalwork. Of course, in this case, the result looks like an advanced gaming device.

For convenience, brass is sometimes used as a solution for manufacturing radiators. Therefore, the new housing can at least dissipate heat more efficiently than the original plastic housing.

After Sony’s initial sales data, the current game console is still dominated by Sony. According to well-known industry analyst Daniel Ahmad (Daniel Ahmad), Sony sold 4.5 million PlayStation 5 units in the third quarter, including the latter.

This is a good start for a new gaming platform, which may become more popular. After solving all delivery issues. To say the least, the design of the PS5 is amazing, but the customization options make it even more impressive than before.

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