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The Flash Season 7 Killer Frost Twist & Caitlin’s Future Described

The Flash Season 7
Screen Rant

The Flash Season 7 Updates: The Flash Season 7 pulls a giant twist for Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost because it is also a giant game-changer for Danielle Panabaker’s Arrowverse character.

The Flash Season Seven born the largest plot twist for Killer Frost nevertheless as Caitlin Snow’s established order within the Arrowverse gets a shake-up. one amongst the characters that are a part of The Flash since the start is Caitlin, UN agency has had a giant journey over the course of seven seasons.

Whereas she wasn’t a metahuman before Flashpoint, when Barry reset the timeline, Caitlin suddenly had ice powers furthermore as a second entity living within her – Killer Frost. whereas Killer Frost had her nefarious arc within the Flash season three, the later seasons saw her attempting to reform aboard creating matters work with Caitlin, UN agency came to terms along with her powers.

The Flash season half-dozen is once Caitlin took a backseat, whereas Killer Frost was a lot of featured than ever to flesh out her persona furthermore as her dynamic with the opposite characters.

However, the newest Killer Frost twist is maybe the largest one The Flash has force. within the episode “Central town Strong”, Caitlin was plagued by headaches, specifically when the ultimate battle against Eva McCulloch a.k.a. Mirror Master (or Mirror Monarch).

Whenever Frost was out, she was having constant pain and asked Cisco Ramon to run some tests on her. however, Cisco did not realize any answers when giving her a check-up, departure Caitlin and Frost while not answers.

However, for the episode’s post-credits scene, Cisco (along with viewers too) is given a large surprise once Caitlin shows up to point out one thing. whereas the headaches were fortuitously gone, Caitlin disclosed that she and Killer Frost were now not sharing a constant body because the latter pops into space next to her.

The Flash Season 7 Caitlin’s Future

The Flash Season 7
Screen Rant

The Flash does not justify instantly however this was even potential, however, it still changes everything for Danielle Panabaker’s Arrowverse arc going forward. as a result of this occurred solely per week when they defeated Eva, that encounter should have triggered one thing in Caitlin and Frost’s meta-connection.

Despite the fact that they do not at the start have any answers for Cisco, that does not mean they did not build this happen purposely. Supergirl season three introduced a version of Black Kryptonite, known as Harun-El, that allowed a Kryptonian to be split into 2 separate beings. because of Crisis on Infinite Earths, all of them live to tell the tale of constant Earth currently and it would not be out of character if Caitlin reached resolute Lena River Luthor for facilitating.

Even though Harun-El would solely work on Kryptonians, somebody as precocious as Lena River might simply have changed it to figure on a metahuman. During this post-Crisis Arrowverse world, it should have evolved to the purpose wherever it will separate not simply Kryptonians.

That might be the foremost logical answer if this was one thing Caitlin and Frost did intentionally. however given the quality of metahuman genetic science, it may well be that this was perpetually inevitable as they got older.

Assumptive this is often permanent, this is able to be how for the 2 characters to move physically with each other, as critical one rebuke the opposite whereas Panabaker provides the voice-over for the opposite.

There’s the possibility that this was done to probably send one amongst them off when this season, as a result of having Panabaker play 2 characters each episode would increase her work.

It additionally would not be shocking if The Flash merges them along together down the road, betting on what answers they and Team Flash realize in a very ton of genre stories like this, there is generally the twist of 1 not having the ability to measure if the opposite dies.

In different instances, whenever a split like this happens, there will generally be side-effects, like 2 personas feeling sick or weak unless they’re close or secured together. but this goes, The Flash has formally embarked on a consecutive huge story in Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost’s Arrowverse journey

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