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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 192: Preview and Recap

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 192

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 192 Updates: Kawaki handled to run far from the laboratory after defeating Sumire. His hand was bitten by Nue. Kawaki noticed that he is with hunger,& his arm taking much time to regenerate with enough fast.

Sumire and Nue followed behind him by Kawaki’s blood drops. Kawaki though he is rushing away from Jigen & his allies. The defenders revealed the secret that the fugitive is an adolescent male. Because he worn green hospital robes & maybe injured.Boruto,Sarada and Mitsuki came out in search of Kawaki.

Mitsuki said the shortest way to move out of town is Thunder Rail. Kawaki might be used Thunder Rail to escape soon. Kawaki reached a nearby village and thought of stealing food.

On the way to the village, some villagers throw some food Kawaki wants to rob food. At the same time, a dog also supposed to eat that food but Kawaki said to the dog that he found that food first so he has the right to eat it.

 Formerly on Boruto:

Naruto’s Next Generations Episode 191:

 The stray dog tried to attack Kawaki but with a single slap, he sent a dog into the air. In the meanwhile, he observed dog’s leg was injured he covered it with a veil. Then he gave food to the dog and became calm. Nue and Sumire reached the village where Kawaki was. They have seen Kawaki’s blood drops and thought that kawaka may still in the village. The stray dog liked the kindness of Kawaki and started following everywhere he goes.

At the same time, Mitsuki, Sarada & Boruto were unable to find Kawaki’s exact location. Sai, Naruto inside of train moving towards to see Kawaki.They don’t even know Kawaki has escaped. Sai thought that it is dangerous to access a boy to enter the village.

Naruto said to Sai that don’t worry about it. Sai told out that Kara is also in search of Kawaki.

Stray Dog:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 192

The stray dog moves out and steals some meat. As soon as the owner of the meat shop seen the dog started chasing it meanwhile Sumire saw that. Sumire notices veil covered over the dog’s leg is the same as Kawaki.

The dog reached near where Kawaki is. Dog tried to give stolen meat to Kawaki but within this time owner of meat, shop reached near them. When he knocked the stray dog, Sumire too arrived there. She saw Kawaki is escaping from there, she realized her assumption became true.

Kawaki decided to help stray dogs before the meat shop owner kills him. He asked the owner that what he needs from the dog. Guy said that he is going to teach a lesson to the dog. Kawaki became angry and unleashes the power of karma & breaks the wall. Kawaki warned the guy not to come near the stray dog. The owner shouts  Kawaki a monster and he escapes from there.

Sumire can’t believe how strong Kawaki,& Kawaki asked her what are you grazing at. Sumire says that he must take care of the stray dog. They helped the dog & its wound together. Sumire said to Kawaki that the dog will be healed soon. She apologizes for what Nue did to his arm, but the arm is regenerating fast enough. The stray dog woke up and Kawaki said him to go from here. Sumire said Kawaki that the owner cannot treat the dog like that.

Lord Seventh :

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 192

Sumire asks kawaka to tell about himself, Kawaki told that he doesn’t go back. Kawaki opened up his secrets that he has powers that can destroy the whole village immediately. Sumire said Kawaki that Lord Hokage wants to talk with him. Kawaki replied that Lord Hokage is very much interested in his body’s powers and abilities. He thought that Sumire talking regarding Jigen despite Naruto. Kawaki told that he won’t trust kids or adults.

Kawaki said Sumire to stop acting cool towards me. Sumire revealed her father inserted a weapon into her body to satisfy the warped sense of revenge. Sumire is too closer to destroy Leaf village. Meanwhile, Boruto bought her to the right track. Kawaki commented why you are telling me all this me. Sumire replies that Kawaki may be the painful past her. Kawaki started feeling Drizzy.

Kawaki thinks that she wanted to make him sleep. Kawaki chokes her and Boruto, Mitsuki & Sarada arrived Boruto said Kawaki to leave Sumire. He battled with all defeated against them.

Lord Seventh arrived, Boruto explains everything clearly. Naruto able to stop the power blaster using his power, Kawaki said that Boss has arrived. Naruto is talking with Kawaki & he fell asleep in Naruto’s hand. All said that Lord stopped kawaka Rampage.

Boruto Naruto’s Next Generations Episode 192 releasing date:

 Naruto’s episode 192 is going to release on Sunday,28th March at 5:30 PM.

One can watch Boruto online on Crunchyroll, Funimation & AnimeLab, and many streams.


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