Boruto Teases Naruto and Kawaki’s First Meeting

Boruto Updates: As the latest episodes roll by, it initially commences with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations teasing Naruto Uzumaki about his first meeting with Kawaki.

Following several weeks of teasing, with the criterion-based launch of the Vessel arc in the series, it is now clear that Kawaki has gained the spotlight of being a full-fledged character in the anime.

As revealed, Kawaki is being kept under Konoha’s custody after witnessing many of his prominent initial fights, the situation of which others including Boruto are trying to assess as they finalize their next step. It is noticeable that it definitely isn’t a false narrative for the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village as Naruto turns out to be feeling interested in this discovery of his.

The latest episode in the series seeks to focus upon the quick disqualification of Team 7 from their recent S-Rank Mission. Needless to say, as they reclaim Kawaki, Naruto along with certain others is on the verge to evaluate how they could move ahead considering he is been described as a “Vessel” that Kara is keen on clenching.

Also keeping in mind that he is a child, Naruto is curious to meet Kawaki himself to find out if he is actually is dangerous or not.

Boruto: Naruto and Kawaki’s Meeting

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The beginning of episode 190 kicks off with Konohamaru breaking down the details of the mission to Naruto. Alongside explaining the hideous and powerful strengths that persist within Kawaki, he also sheds light upon how he has considered a “Vessel” that Kara is keen on getting a hold of. Naruto, however, not sure if Kawaki actually has evil tendencies to kill, faces a state of two minds following this thought process.

It indeed is looking extremely likely that all the doubts that Naruto has regarding Kawaki and Kara will be explored by Naruto himself.

Naruto does not seem to fear Kawaki at all, even after Shikamaru signals him with caution on Kawaki’s motives. Eventually, the episode moves into Sai and Naruto approaching Kawaki without seeming distressed at all.

It will be interesting to watch the continuation of the stance that the story has taken and how they meet turns out to be. Curios? Yes, it is pretty legitimate.



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