Behind Her Eyes: Why the Second Door Is So Problematic

Behind Her Eyes Updates: In the last episodes of the series Behind Her Eyes, Netflix uncovered a surprising fact. Adele didn’t do as herself, because she just was Rob who, after an experiment, used astral projection in her body to hop and murder Adele’s spirit.

Rob married her husband David after the soul swap, who thought something had been wrong about his bride. The plot was all about something Rob called the second door, but the use as a storytelling tool is a big concern.

We don’t know that he already exists and manipulates others as we look at Rob’s diary in the future, about twisting dreams to create a paradise world. He created a mind trick to defeat sleep terror during the recovery of Rob and Adele years ago.

Adele has upgraded it with its own astral project capability. She created away, the First Door, to eradicate nightmares by constructing a utopia. The Second Door, however, permitted the souls of people to escape their bodies, fly to locations they already know, and have astrally planned bodies.

It’s because Rob is a homosexual and murdering Adele is a negative stereotype for LGBTQ members. The other way out of his poor condition is to take basically the life of one woman, his man, and her money.

Behind Her Eyes, too, is a junkie whose family hates him, because he’s homosexual. Rob then gases David like Adele and he holds him as an emotional hostage and threatens to spill Rob’s dead body as an accomplice.

Behind Her Eyes: The Second Door


In several ways, the series seems to be only demonizing him by Rob gay, which is troublesome, especially in England with a strong anti-LGBTQ feeling, with a wide range of unjustified stigmata.

Rob is causing more damage than good as a predator and aggressor. If a junkie can’t regain this notion and destroy it in this world, he feels that the character is neither complex nor open-minded. Not to mention that while he got the fantasy life with which he killed, Rob still takes heroin.

In essence, Rob is just a ball of villain tropes. The thought of the literal use of the body of a woman to take her agency apart is certainly difficult. The reality that David still wants a secret “Adele” drug to keep her in tune is worse than while there is a thin line between gaslighting, sexual manipulation and slavery, although the show looks to the risks of manualization and power.

As the plot continues, as he thinks she will take away “his husband” Rob agrees to get Lou and marry David. In 2021, Rob is a white man who takes the life, love, and child of a Black woman.

In the body of Adele, Lou “chills” himself tone-deaf and again misses the mark. Today, those misleading tales of privilege and disappointment still need to be correctly dissected on the cutting floor if they are not to degrade and disrespect poor individuals that fight for good representation.

Season 1 of Behind Her Eyes, starring Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman, Simona Brown, Robert Aramayo, and Tyler Howitt, is now available on Netflix.


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