You Season 4 Must Watch Series Before Season 4

The third season of the psychological thriller TV Series ‘You’ released on October 15, 2021. Based on Caroline Leonard’s book ‘You’ (Season 1) and ‘Hidden Bodies’ (Season 2 onwards) this series was first aired on Lifetime before transferring to Netflix from the second season.

‘You’ centers a bookstore manager Joe Goldberg who has a habit of growing extreme obsession once he falls in love. The first season depicts Joe and aspiring writer Guinevere Beck’s relation as Joe shows his toxic obsession through tracking Guinevere all the time and removing all the obstacles between them.

The second season takes Joe and us to Los Angeles where Joe is trying to start afresh despite his violent past relationship. Here she meets Love Quinn who is an avid chef and his old obsession is renewed.

The third season however finds Joe and Love married with a newborn son in suburb of California. But when Joe becomes interested in their neighbor Natalie, he begins to repeat the cycle of obsession again. But this time Love is determined to ensure her dream of a perfect family.

Penn Badgley stars as the central character Joe Goldberg. Elizabeth Lail plays the role of Guinevere Beck in season one and Victoria Pedretti portrays Love Quinn. The first episode of the season one aired on Lifetime on September 9, 2018 with the second season premiering on Netflix in December 2019. The series got pretty positive review from both critics and audience with a huge popularity for the dark psychological tone.

There are some more series that you can check out for tasting eclectic types of psychological thriller. The best of them are as follows.

Must Watch Series Like ‘You’:


Number of Seasons: 1

This American thriller miniseries is created by Mike Kelley and stars Academy Awards winner Renée Zellweger. The series follows young scientist Lisa’s breakthrough discovery which will save millions kids’ lives.

But to go through the necessary trial she needs a lot of funding for which Lisa approaches many venture capitalists all of whom have turned her down except one- Anne Montgomery.

But in order to grant Lisa the funding she wants to make a deal of spending a night with Lisa’s husband with the condition that Lisa can never ask her husband about what happened that night.

Jane Levy stars as Lisa with Blake Jenner as Lisa’s husband Sean who is a former professional athlet. In the role of Anne we find the brilliant Renée Zellweger. The series aired on Netflix on May 24, 2019.

Behind Her Eyes-

Financial Times

Number of Seasons: 1

Based on Sarah Pinborough’s 2017 novel of the same name ir is a British psychological thriller with supernatural elements in it. The plot follows Louise who is a single mother entangling into an affair with her boss David. But when she grows an unlikely friendship with David’s wife Adele, things take an stranger turn.

Eventually Louise got caught in an unusual love triangle and a web of dark secrets where everyone is something else than what can be seen from outside.

Simona Brown, Eve Hewson, and Tom Bateman star as Louise, Adele, and David respectively. The series aired on Netflix on February 17, 2021.



Number of Seasons: 1

Created by Lisa Rubin this is an American drama TV Series. ‘Gypsy’ centers upon Jean Holloway who is a psychiatrist. But she is different than other psychiatrists as she gets involved with the closed ones of her patients.

Practicing in New York Jean infiltrates secretly the lives of her patients and build intimate and illicit relationships with people in their lives. As the margin between her professional life and personal urges begin to be erased, she finds herself in a world where reality and her desires are always having a rift which affects her life as well as of those around her.

Academy Awards nominee Naomi Watts plays the role of Jean Holloway. This too is a Netflix season that premiered in June 30, 2017.

Tell Me a Story-


Number of Seasons: 2

Based on a Spanish TV Series ‘Tell Me a Story’ is a psychological thriller anthology series that re-imagines iconic fairy tales as present day thrillers. The first season deals with ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, and ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and the second season delves into ‘Beauty and the Beast‘, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and ‘Cinderella’ turning them into subversive tales of love, lust, revenge.

The first season ran from October 31, 2018 to January 3, 2019 and the second season ran from December 5, 2019 to February 6, 2020. Both the seasons aired on CBS.

The Stranger-


Number of Seasons: 1

This British mystery thriller miniseries is based on the Harlan Coben’s same named novel of 2015. The series introduces a mysterious woman in her 20s wearing a baseball cap who is a complete stranger to a man whom she tells a secret that threatens his peaceful life and that renders his wife missing. With the progress of the series we find the woman having more secrets in her bag.

Hannah John-Kamen plays the role of the stranger. The series premiered on Netflix on January 30, 2020.

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