Home Town Season 5: Erin Napier Daughter’s Condition After Park Accident

Home Town Season 5 Updates: Erin Napier is a famous television star in America. She was born on August 20, 1985. She is now 35 years old. Nationality American. Her husband is Bin Napier according to some news this couple having a net worth of about $5M. They have the Home town on HGTV.

She got her graduation from the University of Mississippi. Her parents were Karen Clark Rasberry. She is a book writer. She wrote so many books famous one is Make Something good today. Ben Napier and Erin Napier had a cute little princess their daughter called Helen Napier.

Erin Napier is a hometown star her daughter Helen Napier broke her legs while playing in the park. Causing severe injury to her legs.

Erin Napier posted a photo on her Instagram account of her 3-year-old daughter broken her legs while playing in the park. So that she went out of the home town for some time. To recovery of her daughter’s legs.

Home Town Season 5: What Erin Napier Shared?

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She mentioned every step she took to take care of her daughter that is first she had got anesthesia then rejoining of bones procedure was done. Once she fully recovered we are back to home town quickly. My princess is recovering fast. I didn’t expect her to recover so quickly. But she has very well immune power.

My baby is strong enough. Erin Napier mentioned how parents have to take care of their children to protect them from such accidents. She mentioned the present situation, Dr. Kosko their miracle bring on my daughter I’m so glad for that. And my daughter got so many good recovering wishes from all over the world. Thank you to each and everyone who pray for my daughter’s recovery I’m so glad.

I don’t know how much time she took for a full recovery. I’m so overwhelmed by your prayers, oh my eyes got water for your recovery wishes.

Thank you so much I have no words to say about my gratitude for you. I hope that my baby will recover soon. Keep supporting me. Wish my daughter to recover soon thank you love you all.


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