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Bucky Seen Flirting With Sam’s Sister In The Newest TV Spot “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Updates: A new TV spot for the upcoming show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier issued by Marvel Studios recognizes Bucky making his move on Sam’s sister.

Marvel Studios is looking forward to pushing towards Phase 4 along with the forthcoming Disney+ series. This launch is interestingly taking place 2 weeks subsequent to the show WandaVision’s debut airing its first 9 episodes.

The show is being considered to be on the same lines as a political thriller as it’s presumably expected to radiate the vibrations of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A realistic and evocative tone is on the cards which best describes the mood of the show.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: The Character Structure

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers is formally retired in the prime MCU timeline, leaving his two closest friends to explore the planet in a post-blip period.

Bucky and Sam were both wiped out by Thanos’ snap, so they must depend on each other to get back on their feet after being gone for five years.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier
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They’ll need each other even more as they face personal and mutual challenges in the coming months: Sam with the daunting task of being the next Captain America, while Bucky continues his recovery from being the Winter Soldier. Despite the seriousness of the show’s stakes, some moments that are not heavy in nature will be persuaded by the pair.

As the arrival of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier approaches, Marvel Studios is starting to advertise the show to keep viewers excited for its debut.

Following the release of the show’s final trailer, a new TV spot has arrived, providing some of the fun exchange of humor between Sam and Bucky, particularly after the latter begins flirting with the former’s sister.

In the aforementioned The Falcon and the Winter Soldier teaser, there are a few more new clips, including a shirtless Sam sequence, which has somehow become an inevitable part of the MCU films.

For someone whose MCU arc has been largely bleak, it’s refreshing to see Bucky’s true personality shine through in this scene. Bucky has always been the more brooding of the two of them, inspiring his newfound friend to taunt him even more vigorously. Surprisingly, it tends to go the other way in this scene as Bucky is the one riling up Sam.