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Boruto: Naturo Next Generations: Naruto Cliffhanger Sets Up Boruto’s Scientific Ninja Tool Comeback

Boruto: Naturo Next Generations

Boruto: Naturo Next Generations Updates: The latest episode of Boruto: Naturo Next Generations, is going to witness Buruto’s scientific ninja tool for a comeback.

This amine is going to come up with a new arc continuation with the show intrigue as Boruto with the Team 7, which makes their way to the wrecked airship. Konohamaru and Mugino, who go out of the commission, make things getting even worse.

The news of Ao, an assassin who sent to clear the area sent by Kara, made them realize the situations become worse. This also made them realize how deep they were with Ao’s arsenal weapons and technical upgrades in his body.

In the previous episodes, the audience has witnessed that the series has gone through various situations. The audience has experienced a major blow as Ao kills Mugino with the help of tech weapons.

Due to this, Buruto thinks of incorporating some of the tech weapons in order to implement the plan of counterattack against Ao. With all the previous distaste for the tools, it seems that he is going to invest a lot of faith just to take upgraded Ao down.

Boruto: Naturo Next Generations Episode 185

Boruto: Naturo Next Generations

In the 185th episode, we can see Boruto and other members of Team 7 escape from Ao successfully, everyone finds a place to hide from Ao, until they come up with a plan to defeat him. It seems that they are making a suitable plan.

It is now out that Ao is having Katasuke’s chakra, absorbing gauntlet. Now using this technology, he makes Naturo’s new weapon. Katassuke’s chakra will create away or can say an opening for a counter-attack, as time is required to create a sphere before getting into the next attack.

With this knowledge, Baruto gets ready to use a gauntlet, which he uses for a counter-attack. However, this is not the only tool that he is dependent on in his arsenal.

They also plan on using the new Chakra lightsaber. This was the weapon that Baturo has picked from the lab of Katasuke. It is crystal clear that it still drains his chakra at a high rate, so, he knows that it is pretty much going to be a gambit and he will be able to gamble only for once.

From this, we can say that his opinion on Scientific Ninja Tools has completely changed. It is to be observed that relying on these tools will how much take him down. Aren’t you curious to know more about this? then make sure you watch the coming episode.

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