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The Walking Dead Season 10, Ep-19: “One More”, Recap and Freebooter

The Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead Season 10 Update: So far, Season 10C of The Walking Dead has been given us character-focused episodes. While the premiere episode of the extended season showcases Maggie’s comeback, last week along with Daryl and Carol. Episode 19, “One More”, grabs up with Gabriel and Aaron. Armed with a map created by Maggie, the duo have been on the roads for a few weeks, looking for much-needed supplies to bring back to Alexandria.

The episode waves off with a bloodbath as Gabriel and Aaron slaughter a team of walkers in an otherwise idyllic field. After, they have discovered the remains of a burnt house that Maggie labeled “Unsearched Structure” on the map. From the state of the building, Gabriel immediately concludes there are not any supplies left. However, the entangled corpses of what looks to be a family- two adults and a child- draped in wildflowers catch Aaron’s eye. The torched home is redolent of the barn destroyed down by the Reapers in the 17th episode, but there could currently be no evidence to support their involvement.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Update

The Walking Dead Season 10

Continuing their travel, the duo comes to across a walker melted to a tree. The discovery prompts Gabriel to toss up a kitchen timer into the field and lure others dead less out of the tall grass. Aaron and Gabriel continue following Maggie’s map. After the barriers for the search of some abandoned cars, Gabriel states that they only have “two more” places left to search. This brings them to an old convince store. Upon climbing to the store’s rooftop, Gabriel looks after another group of dead people that serve as a peacefulness reminder of Alexandria’s fate if he fails to come back with supplies.

Aaron wants to look back because he misses his daughter, Gabriel insists that they check the last location. While en routing, Gabriel falls headfirst into a puddle of mud after a submerged walker snags his ankle. Aaron stabs the walker and helps Gabriel to his feet, but it is also too late- Maggie’s map is burnt out. Without any guidance of a map, the two agree to retrace their tracks, which leads them to a before the unleashed warehouse.

While looking for the warehouse, Gabriel spots a stack of bibles. Simultaneously, Aaron lines up an aging sound coming from back a closed door. Upon opening it, he unexpectedly attacks by a boar, causing him to let out a bloodcurdling scream that sends Gabriel running and, later, into a fit of the smile. That night, they take away shelter in the warehouse and turn the boar into bacon. As an added treat, Gabriel pours them each glass of rare whiskey that he shows off easily costs over 2000 dollars. Although Gabriel wants them to save the flavor of the whiskey, Aaron says him to pour more in atonement for their “rough day”.

Gabriel and Aaron tell the man they are family, and they could never turn on each other, Unconvinced, the man recalls when his sibling stole food for him, and he has to “take care of it”. Gabriel insists that they are different, but his words look to be lost on the man as he raises his gun to Aaron and yells at him to pull the trigger. Just as Aaron’s about to, the man shouts out to stop. With a heart change, the man cuts Aaron free. He introduces himself as Mays right before Gabriel clips him over the head with Aaron’s weaponized arm, killing him.

Gabriel promises Aaron that they are still good, to which Aaron questions, “Are we?”  Nonetheless, Gabriel demands they could not take Mays with them because he has killed his own sibling and his family. Before the duo set off, they discover May’s hiding point in the warehouse’s upper half. To their shock, they find May’s sibling chained up, muttering, “My Family. He made me play. “Gabriel frees the brother, but he grabs Gabriel’s gun and also takes his own life, falling next to the remains of his dead family.

The episode ends by focusing on old pictures of Mays and his brother smiling. It’s a chilling reminder of how the apocalypse can change people. Though Gabriel and Aaron may have grown up closer while on to their mission, they were also looked up to the harsh reality that people cannot be trusted in The Walking Dead. Perhaps proving Gabriel was correct when he said: “Evil is the Rule.”

The Walking Dead casts Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Josh, Christian Serratos, Jeffrey Dean, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton, and Cooper. The series airs Sundays at 9 pm on MAC and is all set to be available for streaming early on AMC+.

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