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The Walking Dead Upcoming Season Spoilers & Latest Update

Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead Update: Kirkman’s comic books have inspired and laid the foundation for The Walking Dead for 10 seasons now as AMChorror is approaching its climax next year.

Leading up to the show was none other than Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) before his release in the middle of the ninth season, although he remains a prominent figure in the TWD category in a series of films from the pipeline about the character. However, Kirkman’s now admits that Rick’s story almost ended shortly before it began.

Rick became the protagonist of The Walking Dead series and comedy books from the beginning, presented in the first installments of both genres.

The Walking Dead Season 10

Walking Dead Season 10

The leading man of TWD has continued to face his fair share of scary, scary, and heartbreaking stories on screen, whether it be The Governor’s (David Morrisey) hair-raising or threats to Michonne (Danai Gurira).

But there was a heated story that emerged from previous AMC horror episodes that focused on the love triangle between Rick, his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), and Shane (Jon Bernthal)

As Rick is thought to have died in hospital at the time of the Walker outbreak, Shane decided to look after his wife and son Carl (Chandler Riggs).

Kirkman also touched on how the storyline would have grown with Rick without the picture.

Shane would not have known that Carl had seen him, so there would have been a big exchange between the two of them,

Shane would be the first real villain in the book, and he would have a group, on the same side as them, the enemy lying in the next tent over there. So if Kirkman had gone through his actual plans, it is fair to say that the whole Walking Dead would have looked very different from what it is doing now.

There were also a lot of ideas that Rick could come up with in The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Fans will have to keep their eyes on the exact time when Rick will return to keep TWD viewers entertained.

The first 10C Walking Dead season kicks off at AMC on February 28 and Fox UK the next day.

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