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Superman & Lois’ Smallville Easter Egg Brings Back Dead Family

Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Updates: Being part of the Arrowverse, Superman, and Lois season 1, episode 3 features a small fun Smallville callback that could possibly a hint for the return of the dead family.

It actually included a Smallville easter egg which surreptitiously brings down the dead family back. The new series from Arrowverse features Clark Kent returning to his hometown. However, this is not something fans remember from the Smallville TV series.

The version of the town he returned to is far more rundown with people struggling for finance also they have lost their jobs, homes, and farms.

Also how the shady businessman Morgan Edge is swooping in to help in ways Lois Lane finds incredibly suspicious.

However, it comes to know that there is one villainous family that tends to survive the reverse of the Multiverse and that is the Teagues.

In the third episode of the series, under the title of “The perks of being a wallflower”, Lois returned to the town submit the mortgage paperwork for the Kent farm to Lana Lang, now a bank manager. While on his way to her, he found the Teagues store advertising on the windows as they sell Lumber, Fencing, and paint.

It’s a nice nod to the Teagues, who were characters created for Smallville and appeared in a couple of seasons of the Tom Welling-starring series, typically wreaking havoc along the way while becoming the enemies of both Lana and Clark.

Superman & Lois Smallville Dead Family

Superman & Lois

Teague store did come in a scene between the two former lovebirds makes people anticipating their relation to Jason in Smallville.

However, it seems that the easter egg has no bearing so far on the plot.

For the background, Jason and his mother Genevieve were introduced in season 4 of the series, where Jason was Lana’s school student Boyfriend whom she met during the summer break at Paris and also he was the football coach at Clark’s high school.

There was a romantic rivalry between Jason and Clark over Lara’s affection at the time. Also while all this going on Jason with his mother Genevieve was looking out for the retrieval of the three stones of power,  Kryptonian crystals that would bestow them with the knowledge of various galaxies.

Edward Teague, the third member of the Teague’s family who also is Jason’s Estranged father and Genevieve Husband wasn’t introduced till the seventh season.

This however shows that he also is not long for the world and died at the hands of a Brainiac.