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Superman & Lois: Origin of Jordan Superpower, a weird plot-hole

Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Updates: In Superman & Lois’s episode, it shows the origin of Jordan Kent’s superpower. This episode seems to have a silly plot-hole.

Both the twins, Jordan and Jonathan are twins by birth but they are completely different from each other. At the start, Jonathan seems to be the cool charismatic kid as a football player.

He was also shown to the audience as an ideal son who inherits the superhuman characteristics of the Clark. But the later part reveals that Jordan is the guy with the supernatural powers.

Superman & Lois: Jordan Superpower

In the pilot episode of Superman & Lois, we can see that Clark and Lois are continuously worried about Jordan. Jordan is one who is anti-social, which is the result of his social anxiety disorder.

They are also worried about his reaction if his brother truly has powers. To be more detailed about Jordan, he is broodier among the brothers, also being distant from his own father and angry about him not being around and not being present to care the things. But things turn around when Jordan’s power comes to the picture.

Superman & Lois

At a party, Jordan kisses Sarah Cushing who is the daughter of Lana Lang. Later he realizes that she already has a boyfriend, but it becomes too late for that as her boyfriend fights with Jordan. In this fight, Jordan uses his laser vision and causes the first fire later an explosion.

At this moment, a silly plot-hole comes to the picture. In the show, Lois and Clark are the last persons to know about this thing that happened with their son. The news about the explosion is known to them by the news which means the news reporters got the news earlier than the superman that too about his own son.

This seems really ridiculous as the news channels have crossed superman’s jet speed. Even if it was, it does not make sense, what were their sons doing without telling their parents about the things that happened in the call? This also feels weird as the media is already in the location waiting for the news before Lois and Clark.

If we consider that they are living far from the place of the part, is a bit embarrassing for superman to know last about it. With the supernatural powers of hearing and velocity, Clark would get news immediately if something bad happens far away, but what is he doing when all these things were going on?